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Hi! I'm booklovin'03! Welcome!!! I'm about to start a fan fiction called Crown of the heart! It's a fanfiction related to the Selection series by the Kiera Cass. I hope you enjoy the story and if you do make sure to comment! Seriously I love seeing your comments! And feel free to PM me, I seriously love it!

Crown of the heart

King Hugo Schreave (49): He is a king that is adored by many for being compassionate and listening to the people. He is a total softie when it comes to his kids, he absolutely adores them and they are the light of his life.

Queen Rosalind Schreave (47): She is definitely a firecracker. She is not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for what is right, she is also beloved by the people. She is more of the disaplinary of her and her her husband but she really does love her kids and wants to see them succeed and be good people.

Prince Chase Schreave (20): Chase is kind of lost. He doesn’t really know what he wants but he does know for sure that he wants to be a good king someday. He is a little bit of a playboy but he’s trying to put that in the past and focus on the future. He does have a heart of gold and can be sweet when he wants to be. FC: Froy Gutierrez

Princess Laurel Schreave (19): Laurel sort of an enigma. She doesn’t let people into her room and doesn’t ever talk about herself. She is also very smart, in school and in social life, nothing ever gets past her and she always knows what’s going on with her family. FC: Ginny Gardner

Princess Paris Schreave (18): Paris is the heart and souls of the palace. She loves all the attention to be on her and loves the drama, or the drama loves her. She always knows the latest scoop. And she is also a famous model. She adores Paris, which she was named after because it was her mom’s favorite place. Paris is also very good with making sure that she and her siblings remain close. FC: Kendall Jenner

Princess Venus Schreave (16): Venus (Vee) is more reserved than her sisters and loves to stargaze. She gives really good advice and helps her siblings all the time. She’s super sweet and easy to talk to. She is really caring and thoughtful and definitely the most innocent in her family. FC: Scarlet Leithold



Nicknames (optional):

Age (16-21):






Apperance (anything else different from the faceclaim):


Personality (lots of detail):









Languages spoken:




Reason for entering:

Date ideas (optional):

Reaction to being eliminated (at the beginning and at the end when she knows Chase better):

Thoughts/treatment of Chase Schreave:

Thoughts/treatment of royal family:

Thoughts/treatment of other selected:

Would they bring anything with them? If yes, then what:

How do they act around their crush:


What does there room look like (optional):

Do they like there room (optional):

Favorite color (optional):

Favorite book/ movie genre (optional):

Favorite food/drink/dessert (optional):

Theme song/ favorite song (optional):

Anything else:


1. Diversity! Illéa is where North America is today, and North America is filled with different races and sexualities.

2. No Mary Sues! Everyone has their flaws!

3. Detail! I need lots of detail to write your character accurately.

4. I will be taking reservations but you have to get them in quickly.

5. You can submit up to two characters.

6. Please make your character unique! One of my problems in my past stories were that I had five girls who were practically the same!

7. Please double space your submission

And this isn’t a rule but it would be super helpful. I have a Pinterest account (same as fanfiction name: Booklovin’03) and it be really helpful if you made a board for your character and sent it to me. PM would be the preferred but you can submit them in a review if your a guest.

Accepted Characters:

1. Roselyn Louise Wellington, Sonage, 20 yo, Writer, Caste: 3. Submitted by Millyna. Faceclaim: Aimee Richardson

2. Cydney Naomi Clark, Angeles, 19 yo, Ex Stunt Double, Caste: 5. Submitted by ChillyIce. Faceclaim: Abigail Breslin

3. Blanche Milkhalov, St, George, 17 yo, student, Caste 4. Submitted by fairytoto1: Daisy Ridley

4. Gwen Nora York, Allens, 18 yo, theater actress/ singer Caste: 5. Submitted by tyozzie123. Faceclaim: Madison Pettis

5. Caroline Doreward, Whites, 18 yo, Veterinarian assistant, Caste: 3. Submitted by PhoenixBird8. Faceclaim: Karlie Kloss.

6. Penthesilea Narcissa Onasis, Likely, 18 yo, tailor, Caste 4, submitted by Miss Kaydence. Faceclaim: Thalia Bree Crawford.

7. Harper Lexington, Belcourt, 20 yo, Athlete(Archer), Caste 2 submitted by mnbvcxz-xx. Faceclaim: Vanessa Hudgens

8. Louise June Bristol, Kent, 21 yo, cellist, Caste 5. Submitted by Abizeau. FC: Bonnie Wright

9. July Everston, Bankston, 16 yo, gardener, Caste 7. Submitted by BaileyandAubreyandIvy. Faceclaim: Francesca Capaldi

10. Liliana Elfrida Astergaard, Sota, 21 yo, festival performer, Caste 5. Submitted by Azlea. Faceclaim: Sigrid Raabe

11. Adena Raven Crawford, Baffin, 21 yo, architect, Caste 3. Submitted by Sylea. Faceclaim: Alicia Vikander

12. Jenevive Bowman, Atlin, 19 yo, waitress, Caste 5. Submitted by Smiley. Faceclaim: Dove Cameron

13. Priscilla Balfour, Paloma, 21 yo, jeweler, Caste 4. Submitted by Nikt Wazny. Faceclaim: Tashi Rodriguez

14 Maia Maryse Campos, Waverly, 18 yo, model, Caste 2. Submitted by Celegra123. Faceclaim: Lily Collins

15. India Lucille May, Zuni, 19 yo, ballerina, Caste 5. Submitted by Celegra123. Faceclaim: Maiara Walsh

16. Lorelie Marie Summers, Lakedon, 19 yo, unemployed, Caste 3. Submitted by Clara Margaux. Faceclaim: Mackenzie Foy

17. Delaney Eden O’Callaghan, Columbia, 17 yo, works in restaurant, Caste 4, submitted by SolarisEclipse77. Faceclaim: Ebba Zingmark

18. Kinsley Mirai Sullivan. Yukon, 19 yo, professional hockey player, Caste 2. Submitted by SolarisEclipse77. Faceclaim: Barbara Palvin

19. Sophia Carmela Rosa, Clermont, 20 yo, Factory worker, Caste 4. Submitted by Clara Margaux. Faceclaim: Taylor Hill

20. Montgomery Fa Zhang, Fennely, 20 yo, tattoo artist, Caste 4. SophieOfWoodsBeyond

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