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Joined Jun '17

Hi, I'm Bunearybunny!

Please ignore this profile; A lot of the stuff on it is stuff I liked a long time ago :3

I have lots of ideas for stories, but don't really write them.

My fandoms: (If you want to know... :3) Percy Jackson, Magnus Chase, Kane Chronicles, Aru Shah, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Marvel, etc (etc = every book that I have ever read, I can't name them all...)

I wonder a lot about life.

I multitask a lot.

I read a lot.

What’s life?

A river of chance?

An interactive dream?

A scientific phenomenon?

Or something else entirely?

I’m the kind of person who stays up until 2:42 AM to finish reading a particularly good fanfiction or book.

Fandom is weird, and I would have it not other way.

Why is the atmosphere of calling an author “evil” completely different from using the world “mean”? One is a compliment, and the other is kinda rude...

I ship mostly canon pairings, though I sometimes read pairings that could have been, had certain circumstances changed. There are some pairings, however, that make me want to throw up. (As a later addition: Ship who you want! Sure, I may not read it, but like, ship fanfiction isn't hurting anyone as long as it's of completely fictional characters)

w h y do people romanticize toxic and abusive relationships ? o .o

Why are you down here, reading my profile?

I don’t even have any stories written. . .

Od uoy dnatsrednu em? Ydobon esle smees ot.

I leef enola, ekil on eno nac hcaer em.

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