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Once, there was a reader of stories on FFN. He was happy to be just be a quiet reader, but one day, a story that the reader was following and enjoying very much disappeared without warning.

When the reader of stories sought out the author of the story, he discovered what had happened. The author had taken down the story themselves. Why? Because someone had blatantly copied every word from the original story and reposted it. That person then claimed that they had written it and reveled in the praise they received. When the original author contacted that someone and asked them to take the stolen story down, they were first ignored, then flamed and harassed by plagiarist who adamantly refused to admit they were wrong in what they were doing.

Distraught, the original author had filed an abuse report to the FFN admins, but it was the dark days of FFN, and there was no response but silence. Nothing happened. Months after, the plagiarized story remained up despite all attempts from the author and their supporters to remove it.

Finally despairing of ever receiving a response and weary of the drama, the heartbroken author gave up. They removed all their stories from FFN and left, never to return.

Plagiarism in FFN was so rampant at that time that was not the first time the reader of stories had heard of such a happening, but it was the first time he had experienced the effects of it firsthand.

The very next day, he saw yet another user blatantly plagiarize a story from a very well-known author. It was at that point that the reader of stories realized something had to change. Something had to be done. Enough was enough.

On that day, the reader of stories stopped being just a reader of stories.

On that day, a forum was created, and a movement was born.

If you wish to contact us about plagiarism cases but need a fast response, please post at one of the below forums, the staff will help you out.

The Anti-Plagiarism Investigation Reports (TAPIR) a.k.a. The Plagiarism Report

Forum for reporting cases of plagiarism on FFN.

Copyright Infringement Reports (CIR)

Forum for reporting cases of copyright infringement on FFN.

Also moderator for stop_plagiarism, an anti-plagiarism community on LJ.


If you have recently received an anonymous review from someone claiming to be 'HorustheAvenger', and especially if the review makes accusations without providing any proof, please note that review did not come from us. Those are the work of impostors or imitators.

For all recent TAPIR and CIR cases, we will only leave reviews while signed in. Even if we have been blocked, we will no longer leave anonymous reviews. We will just proceed to the next step in our SOP without reviewing.

There are very rare exceptions in old reviews, but these will have been posted around early 2012. If you are in doubt, please PM and ask and we will confirm if it is ours or not.

Also, when we review, we always provide evidence or a link to where you can find proof of the allegation.

If you were a recently exposed plagiarist and are looking for our stories on your sockpuppet account so you can flame us in revenge, you are out of luck. No stories here for you to target.

Also, due to the cowardly actions of exposed plagiarists who stooped to harassing and flaming innocent authors which had nothing to do with TAPIR and CIR just because they were in our favorites list, we have also removed all favorites from this profile. A special thanks do those individuals who know who they are, for demonstrating the depths of depravity some plagiarists will sink to. Seriously, stop for a moment and reflect on what you are doing. If you are thinking of attacking innocent people who have absolutely nothing to do with the problem to 'get back at us', you are not a victim. You are the villain. Wake up.

If you are still reading this profile to try and find something bad to say in response to being outed as a plagiarist, scroll down past the poem for the FAQ. You may also read the poem too while you are at it. Wrote it especially just for those of you who think it is fine to take someone's work, not credit them, and pass it off as yours.

An Ode to the Plagiarist

The plagiarist reads the review
and then he starts in surprise
to think that someone knew
that their story-in-disguise
had been stolen from another
many years before
taken from another writer
whose work readers adore.

A simple cut-and-paste
Change a word here and there
Real writing is hard, why waste?
After all, who would even care?

A new title with his name under,
the summary he'll just reuse.
Claims it's his first work ever
goes on to beg for reviews

But the comments that show,
are filled with anger, hate,
He thought no one would know
guess he learned too late.

He feigns total ignorance
but too bad no one buys
his pretense of innocence;
they see through all his lies.
He tries to claim he's been suffering;
a victim of envy and hate.
But for all his denials and blustering
he can't fake his posting date

So now he's on a blacklist
And his record irrecoverably set
he was an exposed plagiarist
And no one will ever let him forget.


The List of the Most Common and Unoriginal Excuses by Plagiarists Trying to Justify Their Plagiarism

#1: I have no idea what you are talking about. It's just a coincidence!

- Similar ideas can still be explained away as coincidence. But if it is a word-for-word match, it is impossible.

Let this be repeated:




to have an entire paragraph that is a word-to-word match. 1 paragraph is enough to count as plagiarism.

If you are stupid enough to have a profile full of stories 'coincidentally' matching the works of different authors from different fandoms and still want to try this excuse, you are beyond idiocy.

#2: I never read that other fic before! I'm not even from that fandom!

- Almost every single plagiarist who chooses to deny a story uses this obvious lie. Use of it almost an automatic indicator of guilt at this point.

And NO, no one is prepared to take your word for it. Already proven yourself untrustworthy.

If the original story was posted before the plagiarized story, case is quite irrefutable, unless there is evidence that indicates the posting date has been tampered with.

#3: Fanfiction allows you to write anything you want!

- Not on FFN. Please make yourself familiar with the Guidelines:

(FFN Guidelines)

Actions not allowed:
1) Multiple entries of the same material. There can only be one copy of any unique story on the entire site. No exceptions.
2) Rewriting names of characters/locations of one story in order to upload to multiple categories.
3) Copying from a previously published work (including musical lyrics) not in the public domain.

We rest our case.

#4: Plagiarism is fanfiction!

- Derivative work and plagiarism are different. One is a rewrite. One is copy-paste. One is reintepretation. One is theft. Please learn the difference.

#5: I didn't know copying people's stuff was plagiarism and it was wrong!

- Ignorance is no excuse. Regardless, everyone deserves a second chance. Now that you have been made aware, stop , turn over a new leaf and you will be left alone.

The List of Stupid Ad Hominems Arguments and Fallacies by Plagiarists, Their Apologists/Sockpuppets against Plagiarism Reporters

#1: You don't have any stories!

- Irrelevant. Existence of stories not necessary to point out one section of work was stolen from elsewhere.

Come up with better rebuttal.

#2: You have no right to judge me!

- Plagiarists have no right to steal. When they crossed that line, gave us that right to judge and report them. Will keep doing so. Will provide evidence to let others do so too.

#3: You are wrong! You have no proof! I've never read that story before!

- All exposed cases have a corresponding case report with information documenting the plagiarism. TAPIR prefers to let the evidence speak for itself. We do not care what plagiarists think. Only care what the people reading the review we left think of plagiarist once they see the proof author was a fraud.

#4: You are a (Insert insult of choice here)

- Ad Hominem attacks are ineffective and boring. Here is something more worth reading:

" I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left. " - Margaret Thatcher

#5: Help! CYBER-BULLY! Harassment! QQ T.T I'll report you the admins/police/my parents!

- Please have some dignity. Playing the victim doesn't help. Only makes one look even more foolish in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Also, you are welcome to report us to the admins. Will make the plagiarism case so much easier to deal with. Almost as good as you filing a report against yourself. Remember, we never post exposing reviews without evidence. If you want to kick the ball into your own goal by helping us flag attention of admins, go ahead.

#6: Woe is me! You don't know what I've been through! I/my family/friend/sockpuppet am suffering from (Insert sob story/incurable disease here) which totally justifies me stealing the work of others because it is the only thing I have inmy sad life before I commit pseudicide and switch my stories over to my sister/cousin/sockpuppet account.

- Please do not take advantage people's compassion by playing the pity card. Everyone suffers in life. Even if you have depression or cancer or ASD, so do a lot of other people and they manage to get by without using it as an excuse to steal. What makes your case so special?

#7: It was a social experiment!

- We call BS.


The keyboard warrior utters his death threat,
Cowering from the safety of his retreat,
Hoping his words will result in a shiver
The chance of that happening? Nary a sliver!
For empty vessels makes the most noise,
You are dealing with adults here, not girls and boys. -H.A.

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