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Okay so I'm not going to bother making something formal and look pretty. I prefer that people understand me through my writing than a little biography. Anyways, I'm a schoolkid. A senior in high school specifically, which inevitably leads to me stressing about college. I play two instruments and have an interest in the study of biology. Writing is a nice hobby of mine that helps to be a practice in keeping a schedule, which I am terrible at, and lets me get my creativity out. I sometimes have an idea and I hate not being able to express it. So I express it and it's off of my chest and I get a pleasant little pastime.

Besides writing and school activities I enjoy reading and listening to music. Not always separately. I especially like punk rock and the like. If it has a strong beat I'll probably like it.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the writing I do on this site. RWBY is owned by roosterteeth and every other franchise I mention is owned by it's respective owner.

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