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About my pen name: I was listening to ivy parker by Boykillboy when i created this account, ivy parker is not my name.

Age: 4,128,878,346...I was fed strange foods at birth, making me...old...

Home: Jupiter...if you fell for this...you are slightly dumb...get a proper education.

Stuff that I like...

Films: The Son Of Rambow ('It's like the flying dog in my dream!') POTC, Harry Potter, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Death Proof.

Books: Harry Potter!! YAY!! Jane Eyre, Testament of Youth, Trust me, I'm a (junior) doctor, etc.

TV Shows: Hollyoaks, the big bang theory, TORCHWOOD, doctor who, Vicar of Dibley, Scrubs!

Music: Lovers Electric, Bloc Party, Manic Street Preachers, Motorhead, Smashing Pumpkins, Something Corporate, Armor for sleep, and SO much more!

Pairings:Now the problem with the pairings that I like, is that either everybody hates them, or they happen really quickly, and then something comes along to muck it up. I.e. Jessica and Kris in Hollyoaks. I LOVED them, truly, but then they split up and Jess left! Another example, I loved Gwen and Owen together in Torchwood, Owen fell in love with that... -cough-BITCH-cough-... Diana, and died. Damn.

Real life friends on fanfiction: Pen-to-paper Scribble, xXxFluffy-pink-socks (all three of us have written a couple of stories together.) doctor-who-mad-gal and Kalishka.


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