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(Formally etglorianna96)

My profile page will give you news on what’s to come under “What’s coming...”

About me...

ET was my nickname in high school and I figured I’d use it for my author name here on FanFiction.Net. I’m a college student NOT majoring in English and I have dyslexia. I still like to write though. I’ve written stories but have never published or put out any stories into the open until now, FanFiction.Net being my new found dumping ground. I’m a Christian and I love Homie JC (Jesus Christ). Having a relationship with God is my number one priority.

What I like...

I am a big HTTYD fan and an even bigger fan of Christ. My stories won’t always be based on scripture or morals but my faith is my inspiration.

What to expect...

I’m not serious about writing FanFiction as it is purely recreational; to have some fun or to release stress. That being said, there will be typos, grammatical errors, misspelled words, etc. I'll try to read through before I post but please keep any harsh reviews to yourselves. Again, I’m having fun. I’m not making this into anything serious.

Updates will be irregular.*

What’s coming...

TBB 10 is up! I can't believe that came out so quickly after 9 to be honest. I wish I could update daily, but I will say that a lot of thought is put into these chapters. I want them to make you think on the world and morals, you know? Anyway, I'll start on 11 as soon as I can. I doubt it'll come out as quickly as the last one. We'll see.

I'd love to get ideas for more chapters to my current story or even other new stories! Send me requests if you'd like! My idea farm is a bit lacking.

'Testimony' is on permanent Hiatus unless I'm inspired. --Will soon be deleted.


Thanks for checking out my profile and reading my stories.

I really appreciate the patience you readers have. My updates can be very irregular. Thank you for sticking with me. I love the encouragement you guys leave on my stories!

God bless.


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