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Okay, here goes...

I'm a male who was born in 1990 and is currently at University, studying literature, creative writing, society & law, and language studies. I've lived in Australia most of my life though I was born overseas.

I'm honestly a bit of a strange person, or at least I think so myself. I don't interact with others far too regularly, but when I do, dear Heaven can I talk. I do try to be polite and accepting of other people's opinions and beliefs without putting them down, but I'm fairly obstinant as well. I work to express my own opinions without coming across as patronising, though some things - like hearing a person who can't read consider themselves blessed - quite frankly astound me and can try my patience.

I'm somewhere between an agnostic and an atheist in my beliefs, seeing that I am a bit scientific-minded - I honestly think there is an explanation for everything, somehow, and even saying 'it's magic' can work somewhat. I don't believe anything CAN happen without a reason, but I'm also scornful of the idea that the future is set in stone no matter what we do (perhaps one of the main reasons I find issue with great novels, like His Dark Materials). I really don't believe in set ideas such as 'good' and 'evil', though. I do accept that there ARE people in the real world who are screwed up for reasons we can't explain, much as I wish there weren't. I greatly prefer 'grey' - or rather, I prefer to term it as 'colourful' - morality, because it's much more realistic.

Even when reading fantasy I have my limits to the level people may go when writing - I greatly dislike deux ex machina (the worst sort that is), and I don't like when people are inexplicable resurrected left and right because it cheapens death in real life. Contrary to many people, I don't read fantasy as escapism - I read it because I appreciate the deeper level it gives to REAL LIFE. That will put me at odds with readers of my novels later when I publish them, because I'm not afraid to kill off main characters. In mean-spirited, pointless ways, I may add. Despite being a lover of 'dark, mature' material however, I really don't count sex scenes in this category - rather, I prefer themes based on: identity and individualism, complex morality, racism, struggle to do what's right over what's easy ... and, of course, gender equality. With a few exceptions, I have issues with writers who don't have capable female characters - even more, I flat-out REFUSE to read writers who think men are better and are clear about it. Also don't like stories which assume that men and women are different in ways OTHER than biology (which is actually the MAIN reason why I refuse to read The Wheel of Time, for instance, among others). Doesn't mean I like men being treated as crap either - I've had issues with the hit show Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the episodes with an obviously Anvilicious message that amounds to 'men are beasts, women aren't'. Oveall though, it should be obvious that I'm not happy there aren't more Action Girls, or female protagonists in fantasy, or even MORE stories which pass The Bechdel Test.

My first priority when writing is ALWAYS the characters - even if the plot ends up a bit cliched, it's more important to me that all my characters are the driving force behind it and recieve optimal development. Of course, this is the part of writing that I both love and despise, as well - while I can create many complex characters, it is nearly impossible the simply 'flesh out' the world I'm building, because the moment I give someone a name I have to struggle to NOT give them a role! Once you have a name, you have a life, motivations, fears, hopes and dreams. Needless to say, it's difficult for me to write purely villainous characters as a result, even though I think I NEED to, to acknowledge that there ARE senselessly evil people in the real world as well.

I'm very fond of reptiles, particularly snakes and lizards - needless to say, I'm not happy that many great and/or notable writers treat snakes as All Chaotic Evil (an idea I absolutely LOATHE, BTW). If a fantasy work has giant snakes and spiders, I will accept them as enemies if the author doesn't preach about 'how evil they are and must be killed' - if the author has a character say 'they can't help what they are, it's their nature', they win points BIG TIME. (Besides, snakes are treated positively in East Asia).

Oh ... same with rats. They can't help that they carry diseases. Not all of them do, either.

Also, works which use stereotypical 'demons' are irritating as well, because I follow the origin of the word - Demons, or Daemons, were not originally depicted as generically evil, but more as neutral forces.

... Needless to say, on The Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism, I don't really have a place as I fall on the 'side' of Optimistic Realism - I accept reality, but look at the more positive sides of it. Try to keep happy and look at the good we've done, good we can still do, and even with the irreperable damage that can be done to our lives and the world, there's so many things we can fix and improve on, even if not everything can. So people, please try and stop being so cynical about human nature - for every bastard out there, there's LOADS more people out there with more sympathy and understandable reasons for if they do bad things. Even sociopaths are, for the most part, pitiable at best despite being utterly loathesome at worse.

Oh, and ... it seems that I rather like some of the old values ... And I'm only 20 ... well that narrows down who I am quite considerably ...

I'm a Griffin/Gryphon person. They're much, MUCH better than Dragons! In fact, I disowned a good portion of a single episode of the BBC family drama series Merlin (2008-) based simply on its, quite frankly, sacriligeous interpretation of the Gryphon (savy viewers should know which episode I'm referring to). Seriously, the Gryphon is 'a creature of magic' - CREATED by magic (WTF?!) even though ALL Griffins can reproduce? It can only be killed 'by magical means', despite being a mortal creature? It's a simple-minded beast, rather than the intelligent creature of mythology?! Um ... I think I'll pass. I do like Unicorns and Phoenixes as well, and have fondness for dragons but often find them overrated. I dislike Goblins being all-evil and Elves being all-good (on the rare occasion that I DO read a story with such races), and I don't like fairy tales. I'm pretty fond of fantasy with Sentients (my preferred word over 'Races') who aren't necessarily humanoid in shape. Clearly I am NOT a humanist.

And yes, for those who are wondering, I AM a Troper on TV Tropes. Under the same name as here, and PROUD of it!

Fave Music Bands/Artists: I've taken this down because it counters my idea of personal taste in music as opposed to the people who play it. May list examples again later ...

Likes: loving someone BECAUSE of their inner qualities, compassion, humility, love, generosity, humility, kindness, good treatment of animals, books, feminism (to the extent of equality), justice (causing someone pain IF it's the right thing to do, and not for oneself's own desires), forgiving even the worst of people if they seek it.

Dislikes: loving someone at first sight for their appearance, vanity, greed, materialism, belief in superiority of any sort, monarchies, anti-semitism, racism, gender stereotyping (actually, any sort of stereotyping), discrimination, vengence (causing pain to someone for your own reasons), Sadism (pleasuring in the suffering of ANYBODY, whether kind or cruel).

People aren't good and evil, at least not so much as one might think. There's LOADS of Greyness in moral decisions, with some doing good things for selfish reasons and others doing evil with altruistic intentions. You just need to look more carefully to understand others, something which would be beneficial for your personal growth.

I think that social status is despicable. We are all born, and we all remain, equal. Furthermore, so do other living things with us.

Books I Like:

Song of the Lioness Quartet; The Immortals Quartet; Protector of the Small Quartet; Circle of Magic Quartet; The Circle Opens - Tamora Pierce

His Dark Materials (though it IS Anvilicious, so I recommend it cautiously) - Philip Pullman

Harry Potter Series (somewhat - it's not the classic many people claim, but I rather think it's professionally written anyway) - Joanne Kathleen (JK) Rowling

The Mortal Engines Quartet - Philip Reeve

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin

The Castings Trilogy (seriously, this series deserves a LOT more publicity - deep world-building, highly believable and deep characters, no black-and-white morality) - Pamela Freeman

The Lord of the Rings (well, DUH!) - J. R. R. Tolkien

The Seventh Tower Series - Garth Nix

The Chronicles of Prydain - Lloyd Alexander

Watership Down (a beautiful epic, featuring the most believable use of animal protagonists ever, a well-developed mythology, gorgeous prose and a slew of plausible, likeable characters who are more 'human', shall we say, than many human protagonists in many novels I've read) - Richard Adams

The Neverending Story (an imaginative story with a complex world, strong themes about the dangers of escapism and a theme about accepting yourself - the best full-blown 'fantasy' I've ever read) - Michael Ende

The Dark is Rising Sequence - Susan Cooper

To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee

I'm always open to suggestions of good literature. I admit I am picky at times - there are times when a single, certain element can ruin a story for me (such as the Distant Epilogue, which needs to be handled properly to work) - but when I love a story, I LOVE a story!

I dislike 'The Inheritance Cycle' and 'The Sword of Truth' for their overuse of predictable cliches, and for their unlikeable, morally bankrupt characters (the latter series suffers from one-note villains, as well).

Of COURSE I don't like Twilight - and for your information, neither do Mr Robert Pattinson and Ms Kristin Stewart. They both think poorly of their characters but are contractually bound to those Squicky movies - the former has had traumatic experiences with crazy, delusional fans in the past (including girls who ACTUALLY ran up to him with cut necks, BEGGING 'Edward' to drink their blood) and has gone on record stating that he considers Stephanie Meyer to be insane. Both young actors have my respect (and condolences, for the fact that they'll NEVER live the roles down). And Ms. Meyer has my pity for having such a twisted sense of right and wrong. So, too, do all the poor, deluded 'fans' who didn't realise what they were getting themselves in for after reading Book 4, 'Breaking Dawn' - those who were in the right state of mind jumped ship when they read it, realising just how unstable Meyer really was.

If this rant felt patronising to anyone, I do apologise, but it's my opinion and I stand by it.

Important note on stories:

Aren't there ANY medieval (or non-modern era) fantasies which:

are democratic in nature?

give feminism a greater role? Not to mention, have clever, sensible, intelligent and PROMINENT female characters (perhaps as protagonists)?

have sensible explanations for magic?

have protagonists who face moral choices, change, and are not the only ones to whom things happen? *cough - Harry Potter - cough*

Have well-developed, multi-dimensional 'villains' and even minor characters?

give males and females (pregnancies, etc. aside) EQUALITY? On a moral level, at least.

If you know of one, let me know PLEASE!!

A Song of Ice and Fire doesn't quite fit ALL these marks, but it's on the right track, seriously.

The Castings Trilogy FITS! I actually found a story that - in my view at least - actually FULFILLS these requirements. JOYFUL TIDINGS - IT'S A DREAM COME TRUUUUUUUE!!


Fire Emblem - The Blazing Sword (FE7), The Sacred Stones (FE8), Shadow Dragon (FE11). There are some I haven't played simply because I do not have the right console - and I will not buy a new console just to play one or two new games. Hopefully I can get them in the future

Final Fantasy - FFI; FFII; FFIII; FFIV; FFVII; FFVIII, IX, X, XII, XIII, Tactics (though I've never played it because those DICKS haven't released it on a mainstream console - will probably have to get it off Ebay, dammit!) and Tactics Advance;

Metal Gear Solid - the main series

Golden Sun - Golden Sun; Golden Sun: The Lost Age; I'll probably like Golden Sun: Dark Dawn as well when it comes out in my country.

Pokemon (the games are rather decent, actually)

FF Sequels are usually disappointing - though I'm rather fond of the FFVII Compilation, for the most part; I was underwhelmed by FFXII: Revenant Wings; and I felt that FFX-2 weakened EVERYTHING the plot of FFX had done (NAMELY, bringing Tidus back to life in the cheapest way possible - may as well have made a single game if that's what you wanted! Hmph!)

(I like Japanese RPG Games in general - I greatly dislike Online RPGs, however).

I'm interested in finding the "Suikoden" series, particularly "Suikoden II", which sounds like the sort of game I'd love to play. I'm also seriously considering "Dragon Quest" as well, but I have even more mixed feelings about the clothing style used than in "Final Fantasy" (which I admit I've somewhat grown to despise recently).

*Sigh* No matter where I go, I just can't win with the weird Japanese obsession with drawing people - especially for big Video Game franchises - wearing excessive, annoying accessories. "Fire Emblem" doesn't suffer from it - thank the Heavens for that - but the way I've come to that realisation about my beloved "Final Fantasy" is really quite sad and has somewhat weakened my love of the series ... it just isn't part of my taste. Doesn't mean the games aren't absolutely awesome in their own rights, though.

Movies: X-men Movies 1 and 2 (X-3 was rubbish, with undeveloped characters except for the absolute mains, and hardly any plot or length); Lord Of The Rings; Braveheart; A Knight's Tale; Gladiator; Back to the Future Trilogy; Harry Potter Movies; Shanghai Noon and Knights; King Arthur; The Last Samurai; Batman Begins/The Dark Knight; Pirates of the Caribbean; Spiderman 1, 2 and 3 (though the lattermost was a bit mixed up); Daredevil; Batman Begins/The Dark Knight; The Shawshank Redemption; Inception; The Green Mile; The Prestige; Pixar Movies (ESPECIALLY the 'Toy Story Trilogy'); Disney Movies in general; Transformers (2007); Iron Man; Scott Pilgrim

Tv Shows: Heroes (well, Season One - the rest is shit and doesn't exist); House, M.D.; Doctor Who; Friends; Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel; How I Met Your Mother; Supernatural; Smallville (at least, Seasons 1-5 - though even those have one major problem ie: Lana Lang);


Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (I love BOTH the animes in different ways. The storyline is amazing. It really looks at humanity, addressing the nature of our flaws and virtues in some of the most moving, emotionally gripping writing I've seen anywhere. The characters are all immensely likeable, and complex without being portrayed as pretentiously so. I greatly appreciate the emphasis both series place on human struggles and how we are forced to endure hardship to win our just rewards. Not to mention that its antagonists - the Homunculi - are one of the best-written Villain 'teams' (or rather, for Tropers, 'Quirky Miniboss Squads') out there in anime today, largely for their presence of personality and for their refreshing personalities. Also, an honourable mention must also go to supporting antagonist Zolf. J. Kimblee - THE most complex character of the Complete Monster variety I've seen in ANY medium. Ever. (though only the 'Brotherhood'/Manga version applies) :P)

Death Note (I also like the Japanese Live Actions movies - they're quite faithful to the tone and themes of the series, at least. Despite the ever-present cynicism, I love the ambiguity and complexity of the main characters, and the cerebral nature of their battles was astoundingly well-written. Definitely a must for those loving mystery, thriller and moral greyness - and for those wondering about it, I for one am an L supporter :D)

Bleach (it has definite problems, I will admit - especially in later stages. The author's complete unwillingness so far to pull the plug on a single good character - not even the supporting cast - weakens the series' credibilty and makes the plotlines somewhat convulted, especially when the over-reaching Arrancar War begins (the 'Hueco Mundo' and 'Fake Karakura Town' arcs are big offenders). Even 'Dragonball', for all its use of the reset button, was unafraid to show that people could die, and the plot had a better sense of direction despite BOTH series suffering from the author winging it. Nonetheless, I still REALLY enjoy 'Bleach'. I love the characters, who always seem to be a lot more complex than they first appear - Ichigo isn't a typical idiot-hero; Rukia and Orihime have issues of their own; the Soul Society cast have very compelling backstories and personalities (as do many of the Arrancar); even some of the beloved supporting characters get in on the action in interesting ways. I also greatly appreciate the complexity of the plots - while they don't always play out in the best way in later points, they nonetheless don't adhere to simple morality and solutions. And for anyone who isn't comfortable with the length of the anime ... well, it's not too hard to avoid filler material since it's usually created in entire Season-Loads (though it's not ALL necessarily bad stuff - the 'Beast Sowrds' arc is excellent, with a brilliant Big Bad in Muramasa). And I strongly recommend anyone at least watch until the end of the 'Soul Society Arc' - up to that point AT LEAST, you can be sure the plot is superb on very many levels)

Digimon (it's sort of a Guilty Pleasure, but I don't regret still liking it - especially Season 1 & 3. I can honestly say that this series, when I look back on it, was a genuine building block in my growing up. Back then I didn't read many serialised novels, and most of the shows I watched didn't have a direction to go towards. It was just about the first long-running story I ever saw which had a beginning, middle and end. It had long-running characters with character-arcs who grew and matured, dealing with things in an increasingly adult fashion as they went along. It had vile villains the likes of which light comedies were not allowed. It had death. And while I didn't think about it too much back then, it really did change my tastes in storytelling and preference - for the best, I like to think)

Dragonball Z (kind of - the recent 'Dragonball Z Kai' is even better, though, for cutting stuff down to a more manageable and realistic length. While my interest is more watered-down these days, I still appreciate it as a classic Shonen series. The author did remarkable well expanding on his ever-growing universe - due to pressure from Execs. rather than personal volition - though I personally consider the point of highest quality to be the 'Namek Arc')

Neon Genesis Evangelion/Rebuild of Evangelion (the latter really looks on the way to fixing the problems of the original anime. The utter depth of character - and look at how people would realistically cope under pressure - is astoundingly good. The Angels themselves are the best series of 'Monsters of the Week' I've seen in any show to date - largely because of the symbolism, and how they each have such a profound impact on the protagonists. Of course, being an optimist at heart, I found the two endings somewhat dissatisfying - I have strong hopes that the aptly-named "Rebuild of Evangelion" will give us the epic and fulfilling conclusion we've long been hoping to recieve)

The Twelve Kingdoms (An utterly gorgeous anime based off a charming series of Japanese novels. I was amazed at how beautiful the writing is; despite the plots not being made to create 'world-shattering' tension, it makes the story more down-to-earth than most fantasies. The world-building is some of the best I've seen anywhere, and the characters truly behave much like real people would, given their situations. Of course, I haven't much love for the antagonists - who aren't particularly complex - but even so, a number of them have underlying depths and complexity. The protagonists are extremely well-developed, however, and undergo some pretty rare growth throughout the series. Even the spiritual/religious elements are handled in such a way that they don't impede on my enjoyment of the story in the least. I have strong hopes that the author will resume writing the novels at some point, since there's still some Kingdoms that haven't received much screentime or development. Furthermore, perhaps writing more books will prompt the producers of the anime to adapt more material - a charming and under-loved series such as this should definitely not certainly not fall into obscurity)

Western Animation: Avatar: the Last Airbender (BEST. SHOW. EVER!), Gargoyles, Batman: the Animated Series; X-men: the Animated Series; The Simpsons; Transformers - particularly 'Beast Wars' and Transformers: Animated'; heaps of Cartoons from the 80's and 90's (particularly Disney ones from the 90's); Futurama

Personal Writing

I will probably no longer write any fanfiction, since there isn't any free time to plan it. I'm also currently working on a novel of my own. It is currently unnamed, and it's the first in a series (which I've also yet to name). The series is set for about 5 novels, POSSIBLY one less OR one more (though I'm hoping for exactly 5 at the final count)


... Okay, that's all you really need to know about me!

'Course, if you want to talk to me, I'm happy to oblige. I like people and conversation in general.

Oh yeah, I agree with all of the below. If you wish to, you may copy some, or all, of them into your bios. If you disagree, don't sent me hate mail. I leave you with these to entertain yourselves for a while.

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You shalt avoid them if you hate them.
You shalt keep an open mind about stories even if you despise the pairing.
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The "You no like, you no read" club: If you believe that people who don't like someone's story should simply not read it instead of posting cruel and hateful reviews, copy and paste this into your profile and add your name to the list: Alicia's Purple Velvet Purse, changelingchild, crimsonchidori, SasukeSakuraxXXxItachiSakura, Angry Fox Girl, ItAsAkU-LoVeR, SkywardShadow, HopeInHell, Smileyface-Kitsune, ncfan, CaellachTigerEye

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Any sort of being which is so-called 'Pure Evil' and can suck out souls, such as Dementors (Harry Potter) and Spectres (His Dark Materials) is overrated because good and evil are non-existent - they are just aspects of our personalities, and everyone has a bit of both. If you agree, copy this into your profile.

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The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm.

Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

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If you can read that please put it in your profile.

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