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You're about to read about a woman with lust, passion and desire.

As a woman from Scotland I find that sex and life come hand in hand. Those who foolishly go without are simply denying themselves one of the greatest, if not THE greatest gift our bodies can give us. I get on best with the open minded. The creative. The hungry. I never fear flirting, chatting, getting to know a man, woman or trans person in the most intimate of ways. You will call me a slut. This is because you have no perception of what life is like when you don't fear sex. You will name me a whore, because you think I give myself to everyone. That is because you fear opening up. You will judge me. Or you will enjoy me. I will use many fandoms to explore my desire and even if you don't enjoy that fandom. I promise you'll enjoy the stories regardless.

Any are free to message me. RP with me. Flirt with me. Never be shy. And if you are shy, I will help with that.

My name is Alissa.

Enjoy me.

P.S There will also be blood.

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