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Hello, as my profiles name suggests my name is LifeByTheCreed, or just Creed for short.

As for my interests, this list would probably stretch on for eternity so I'll just put down series I feel familiar with enough to consider writing about.

Dragon Ball

Sword Art Online

Teen Titans (Cartoon)

Red Vs Blue

Left 4 Dead

Walking Dead (TV Show)


Justice League (Unlimited)

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Assassins Creed

Fairy Tail


Elder Scrolls

Kingdom Hearts

Star Trek

Star Wars (Most Cannon, some Legends)

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel Comics (Not as well as I'd want though)

Fate Stay/Night (also Apocrypha, Grand Order, and a bit of Extra)

Although for now I'd prefer to avoid overextending myself by writing a hundred different stories at once. Plus I am well aware that, though this is something I like doing, I have a very short attention span. There are a lot of ideas I'd really like to get out at once, but I always end up distracting myself with something else.

In the interest of getting familiar with my stories, I'll be writing character bios for my OC's here

Robert Orso

Height: 5'9

Weight: 168 lbs

Age: 17

Affiliation: NA

Occupation: Master/Grail War Contestant, Magecraft User.

Alignment: Between Neutral Good, and Chaotic Good.

Origin: ???

Elements: ???

Another Self Insert, this time into the Fate Franchise.

... well, not exactly a typical version of it- but you get the idea.

A new magic user, and Master of the Assassin Servant in the 5th Fuyuki Grail War, his main goal is mostly just getting out alive, and figuring out how the hell he got into this mess. Hopefully with more good people alive than not.

Still new to combat, and the moonlit world, he still has much... much to learn, in a period of time growing ever shorter...

Though without combat experience, he is familiar with basic tactics, and strategy. Preferring to outmaneuver his opponents rather than overpowering them.

Mostly anti-social, not liking people. Actually borderline hating humans, but will fight like hell for the ones he does like. Believing humanity is for the most part a lost cause, but is worth protecting for the few among them that are decent.

Dislikes violence as a solution, but will kill if he deems it necessary.

Likes: Cool Jazz, Upbeat Music, (Favorite Color) Mahogany Red, Most Anime, Video Games, His Servant, Dango, Magecraft

Dislikes: Country Music, Harem Anime, Magecraft (it's a love/hate sort of thing), interacting with people,


(Largely still beginning his training, he is slowly developing more skills, such as-)

Rune Crafting: As the name implies, he can craft a variety of runes through which he can create various effects, such as-

Gandr-Sickness bullets.

Isa- Stagnation. Can essentially slow time.

Dagaz- Day/Dawn. Essentially a flashlight. Can also be used as a flashbang.

Algiz- Protection. Creates a shield for a short period of time.

Uruz- A strength booster.

Thurisaz- Change. Basically a breakdown spell.

Naudhiz- Stress/Pressure. Releases power in the form of increasing pressure.

Laguz- Flow. Can affect the flow/speed of an event/object.

Sowulo- Energy. A stamina enhancing rune.

Othala- Home. Mainly used to help establish a bounded field.

Hypnotic Suggestion: Basically a Jedi Mind trick

Bounded Field Creation: Alters a certain space to allow for magic shenanigans.

Warning System- Basically sets up a tripwire silent alarm.

Hypnotic Dissociation- uses a passive hypnosis to keep civilians away.

Theoretical Strange Space: The amalgamation of an illusion, a bounded field, and a poor man's reality marble. Allows the caster to use simpler magecraft they shouldn't have access too, in particular elemental magecraft. It is not currently known how Orso does this, not even to him. In theory, it should be impossible.

True Name- ???

Class- Caster

Master- Matou Zouken

Sex- Female

Alignment- ???

Height/Weight- ???

Summoned by Zouken after defeating Caster.

An unknown actor with unknown motivations.

She is somehow connected to both Saber (Artoria), and Orso.


Strength- ?

Endurance- ?

Agility- ?

Mana- ?

Luck- ?

Class Abilities:

Item Constriction- EX

Territory Creation- ?

(Unknown Skill)- ?

Personal Skills:

Counter Hero- ?

Divinity- ?

(Unknown Skill)-?

Noble Phantasms:

I hope that you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoyed thinking of their worlds.

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