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Is it just me, or is FFN deleting favorites? I keep stumbling over old stories I know for a fact I read and loved, and I find it completely out of character (for myself) that I didn't comment or 'fav them. I dunno, maybe it is just me, but I'm starting to get a little peeved. ...Hell, maybe I've reached a limit or something! HAH! That would be something.


My stories have been deleted. I am freeee~

4/28/10 (a little more than a few days)

That's all old stuff down there and pretty irrelevent (minus the whole reviewing thing). I've been going through my various 'lists' here on FFN and have been slowly (I mean really slowly) deleting old things and it is so liberating. I decided I may as well update this page since I'm 'here' and thought I'd give a bit of a heads up:

I'm deleting all my stories. I've grown up and grown tired of looking at them. They will not be saved nor will they be missed.

You know, just in case somebody cared. I'll take them down in a couple days (unless I forget... in the case... w/e).

Currently, I'm more into reviewing stories, rather than writing them. If you've 'alerted' one of my stories, don't be surprised if I don't update. I guess you could say I just got bored and moved on... to what, remains to be seen. Of course, I feel sort of bad just leaving them (the sotries) there, so I do intend to do something with them one way or another... just not anytime soon. I stumbled my way into slash (favorites didn't tip ypu off?) when I first joined the sight, but ah, I've just gotten so bored, and I'm sorta' weaning myself off, though I've got to say, some of the pairings are just so ridiculous that's it's a shame not to laugh at them. PM me if you've got a problem, want me to update/have an idea for a story (I'm not adverse to writing "commissions"), or just want to chat.

I just realized I've been here for three years... time to get a life? I think not.

THE GAME!! (have you lost it?)


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