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Hello everyone out there!

I am UnwInked, and I am really happy that you manged to misplace yourself on my profile.

The stories you find here might not be for everyone, because I like to experiment with characters and concepts.

I also have a fondness for taking side characters that have only been mentioned in passing and giving them their own personalities.

So if you are looking for something unusual, you have found the right place.

Feel free to drop a message - I always like meeting new people - or find me on Tumblr under unwinked. tumblr. com =)



A Tale Of Three Brothers

I might have ended the first installment, but there will be more about Sasuke, Naruto and Itachi :D

- Part 1: A Tale Of Three Brothers (Finished)

- Part 2: More Tales of Three Brothers (Planned) Collection of one-shots or Short stories

- Part 3: "Itachi?" - "Yes, Kisame?" (Started.)

- Part 4: Commander Sasuke & Deputy Naruto (Planned) Collection of One-shots or Short stories

On Updates

Most of my updates will be very random, because I never schedule my writing. I only ever write when inspiration hits me. This is my hobby after all, not a job, so deadlines are a no-go. ;-)

My first priority is currently Child Soldier. Once I have finished that one Searching Peace will be updated more often. Until then the updating pace on the latter one will be rather slow.

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