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My name is Chris Palmer X. I write adult fan fiction. More specifically Kim Possible adult stories.

My inspiration comes from Kim Possible porn pics I find on various sites. When I see something I really like I write erotic stories around them.

So far I have written 7 Kim Possible adult fan fics.

1) Cheer Fight

2) Cheer Fight 2: Brothers Blackmail

3) Cheer Fight 3: Kim's Revenge

5) College Spring Break (Generally Cheer Fight 4)

6) Cheer Fight: Shego's Revenge (Generally Cheer Fight 5)

7) Breaking A Spy

8) Shego's Game

(Cheer Fight 1, 2, 3, College Spring Break and Cheer Fight Shego's Revenge are part of the same world)

My newest story has NOTHING to do with the Cheer Fight world. It's called Shego's Game and it has a "saw-type" theme.

* Very impenitent * Sometimes FanFiction.Net messes up so I created a BLOG as a backup to put all my stories. I get the most views on FanFiction but this site doesn't always work as it should. So PLEASE follow my blog HERE:

TUMBLR: https://

New Grounds: https://

I'm also on Facebook too.

If you really like my stories please favorite them, favorite me as a writer and if you draw...I would LOVE and very appreciate fan art for my stores.

Thank you.

Chris Palmer X

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