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Solartiger PM
Joined Dec '05, USA

Name: Solartiger/Daniel Kenshin Himura (like give my real name)

Age: 36

Home: Zo Diac

2nd home: Kensington Gardens

Species: Felitaur-Tigtaur

job: Guardian of Zo Diac

Forms : Cat form (rag doll), tiger form, cat man form(common form), full taur form and kamen rider Tiger

digimon Pal: Tigermon

Tigermon forms: In-training: Cubmon, Rookie: Tigermon, Champion: Bladetigermon, Ultimate: Kenshintigermon and Mega: Roranoatigermon

time shifer pals: Lynx, bubblegum, cardians, knuckle, shadow and raldo

Stand: Never Ending Party

Stand look: Weretiger in rip gi

Stand powers: A slash from it's claws will turn the person into Halloween monster under user power

Zo Diac location : north part of Balance kingdom

talk voice: Hugh Jackmen

sing voice: Josh Kelly

pets: Flash and blaze ( terrible terrors) and nora (Deadly Nadder)

Stories ideas

1. Harry Potter/ BNA: Brand New Animal

Summary: 6 year old Harry wish change into something's to away from his cousin and his gang and his magic answer with change be turn him into a female tanuki beastmen


Summary: Female Deku has Michiru powers as a quark

3. MHA/Gekiranger

Summary: Young Deku train under Xia Fu

4. Ranma 1/2 / BNA

Summary: Ranma gets knock into another spring after got his girl curse and that is Spring of the drown beastmen

5. Harry potter/ The Unexpectables

Summary: 5 year old Harry Potter is found outside the sweet dragon

6. persona 5/Ninjala

Summary: Joker and his gang find some ninja gum and are turn into kids and join Ninjala for a cure

7. Harry Potter/Ninjala

Summary: Harry and few other from Hogwarts find themselves in world of Ninjala

8. Power ranger Hyperforce/ The Unexpectables

Summary: Rangers find themselves in odd magical realm and team with the Unexpectables

9. Ranma 1/2 / Ninjala

Summary: De-age Ranma and few other join Ninjala

10. Ranma 1/2 / Animal Crossing

Summary: Ranma is near at a breaking point in his life when a tanuki name Tom make an offer to him

11. Harry Potter/ Fate/stay night

Summary: Harry fall in summoning circle and fuse with female Heroic spirit

12. Harry potter/ KanColle

Summary: A female 5 year Harry Potter is save by her mom HMS Lilly

13. Unexpectables/ Fairy Tail

Summary: Unexpectables cross paths with Fairy Tail

14. Unexpectables/ One Piece

Summary: A high sea adventure wait for the Unexpectables with team up Straw-hats pirates

15. The Unexpectables/ Ever After High

Summary: What if you could change your story, Ever After high is about find out when The Unexpectables drop in

16. Upside-down magic/ Unexpectables

Summary: Nory and her friends team up with The Unexpectables

17. Upside-down magic /MLP

Summary: UDMS find themselves in Twilight Sparkle's Castle

18. One Piece D&D/ The Unexpectables

Summary: Devil Luck pirates and the Unexpectables team up

19. upside-down magic/ one piece D&D

Summary: Nory and her friends end up on the Yogi Pooh

20. Food wars/ Fighting Foodons

Summary: Soma and friends find themselves in world of fighting foodons

21. Mighty Nein/ MLP

Summary: Mighty Nein find themselves in Everfree forest

22. Black Hops/Avengers

Summary:The Avengers find themselves work with odd black ops team

23. Ranma/Cobra kai

Summary: Ranma vs hawk

24. Cobra Kai/ Kung fu Panda

Summary: Cobra kai find themselves in the valley of peace

25. Carmen Sandiego/ Sly cooper

Summary: Carmen and other are drop into the world of sly cooper

26. Helpful fox Senko/ Ranma

Summary: Ranma at his wit end and find a foxgirl at Tendo's dojo

27. Dungeons & Dragons(cartoon)/ The Unexpectables

Summary: Hank and friends meet the Unexpectables

28. Dungeons & Dragons (cartoon)/ Mighty Nein

Summary: Mighty Nein travel to Presto's castle

29. Sly Cooper/ Sherlock Hound

Summary: Sly and the gang and Carmelita find themselves in time of Sherlock Hound

30. The Unexpectables/ MLP

Summary: The Unexpectables are drop in to middle of Everfree forest

31. kuma kuma kuma bear/harry potter

Summary: 15 old year Harry Potter find odd bear suit and is turn into a female himself with only bear suit

32. Where's Waldo?/ Carmen Sandiego

Summary: Young thief and pair of wanderer team up

33. Where's Waldo?/ Equestia Girls

Summary: The CMC go on adventure with Waldo and friends in Hollywood

34. Darkstalkers/Harry Potter

Summary: B.B Hood find a young Harry Potter

35. Persona 5/ darkstalkers

Summary: Joker and the phantom thieves of heart meet Joker's mom Morrigan

The all stories ideas above are for anyone who want them to use just let me know which one


Ann long

gender: Female

Base: Tigress from kung Fu panda and Haku from Naruto

age: 35

Skills: hunter ninja and doctor

voice: Tara Strong

Stand: Ninja Re Bang Bang

Stand look: Anthro tigress in ninja gear

Stand powers: able make a Ninja castle and hide it user and their allies

my team

Name: Solarclaws


Leader: Solartiger(me)

Love: Ann (my oc) mix of tigress and female haku

Tactican: Shikamaru (naruto)

2nd: R.J (power rangers jungle fury)

3nd: Tigress (Kung Fu panda)


Tai long

Master Fin


Mad Hatter (Lookingglass wars)

March hare




Bower Jr








Rio (gekiranger)

Mele (gekiranger)




Eiji Hino/kamen rider OOO

Ruffled Feathers

Running Board


me- Jian, Katana and Kilij

Ann- Ninja needles

Shikamaru- his ninja gear

R.J- wolf morpher

tigeress- bo

po- crain mase

master finn- shark swords

Hatter Madigan- his blades and hat

march hare- hare hammer

you believe in Jesus Christ put this in your profile and don't just ignore this, because in the Bible it says if you deny me, I will deny you in front of my Father in the gates of Heaven.

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