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I haven't been on for the longest time. The main thing that is different is that I really gave up on Naruto fanfiction. It was just too frustrating to read. It seemed that every page was infested with badly written porn, mary-sues, out of characterness and most of the writing was just plain bad. As of now, I'm just reading my alerts, but I've been disappointed that several of my favorite authors including The Engine Driver have quit .

I am deleting most of my stories, except for one, because I was thinking of revising it. And I might, some time. I want to start over as if this was a new account. I'm sorry to those people who alerted/faved me/those stories. But upon rereading them, I decided that they belonged in the deepest pits of fanfiction hell. Seriously, try reading one of your fanfiction after you read one by kishmet. It makes you feel very inferior.

My favorite manga right now is Prince of Tennis, but I'm mostly a livejournal lurker with the fandom. So I tried some PoT on and died. I really died and I'm going to stop now.

-start rant- I'm reading more Prince of Tennis fanfiction because I love torturing myself and I have a certain duty to the manga. Which is awesome by the way, though I'll probably drop Prince of Tennis by August. I have noticed several things about PoT fanfiction.

1) Sakuno is paired with almost everyone possible. She was paired with Atobe. ATOBE. It's almost like she's a PoT version of Sakura from Naruto..

2) Ryoga = non-canon anime character. So many fics mention him that I'm starting to doubt myself on this...

3) This fandom probably has the most Mary-Sues ever. Porportionately. This is all from one page: Ryoma is a girl who pretends to be a boy to play tennis, Tezuka has a random girlfriend that we don't know about, a random girl joins the Seigaku BOY'S tennis club, and Tezuka's little sister becomes Ryoma's boyfriend. All I have to say is WTFWTFWTFWTFWTF.

-end rant-

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