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I guess i have to write something here... well, i have nothing to lose, here i go:

I'm a dude that use his free time reading, or searching, good fanfiction stories, and sorry in advance for my english.

VIDEOGAMES: Im a huge fan of Ace Combat, Pokemon, Megaman battle network, starforce, and Kirby.

Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Gundam Breaker 3, and a lot of games that came for PS3/Xbox onwards i wasnt able to play, so i watched them in youtube, so i cant say that im a fan, but i like the lore of from software games.

ANIME: I like One Piece, i like Naruto, Gundam, even tough i only watched ZZ and G complete, Eureka Seven, Yu-Gi-Oh! (Duel Monsters, GX, 5ds, and Zexal), and Dragon Ball.

And these are the ones i like because, or makes me feel like im getting diabetes, or makes me laugh at the sexual tension: Acchi Kocchi and Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou.

MUSIC: To be honest i have no idea what I'm listening. 75% of the times, I'm listening to the complete versions of opening and endings from anime and games, the other 25% I'm listening some original songs from YouTube. (some of the authors, DA games, Dan bull, and recently Aviators)

STORIES I LIKE: Colossal Fighter GX did an amazing job with "Stardust accelerator", at creating a side story based on the 5ds games, that had the same amount of story as a rock.

His OC, Jason, has adventures on his own, mixing parts of the games and anime alike, without the feeling of him taking the heroism of Yusei.

STORIES I DISLIKE, OR HAVE MORE CHANCES I SKIP: Any story were the original main character is replaced, for example: Any crossover story were (*)Naruto takes the place of the main protagonist of the series that's being combined with (or vice versa).

Another type i dislike would be were the summary of the story is "(Place name here) dies and is sent to (Place series name here)".

Another big red flag for me would be stories with crossover romance, or harems for no reason, and by "no reason", i mean that the "romance" had no weight in it, for example: Character A pass through a portal and falls in love with Character B for some reason, Character A it's always the main protagonist of one of the series that is being combined, and even worse, is in the middle of the series or had an already established relationship with someone, if it were after the end of the series and was alone it will be okay with.

(*) i use Naruto as a example because his series has quadruple the amount of stories that any other anime.

I would like to write, but im not good with words.

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