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I love Ninjago, Steven Universe, My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, and Avengers.

About me~

Gender: Female

Name: Mei

Age: 21

Birthday: January

Country: US

Favorite Colors: Black, Blue and Red

Upcoming Stories:

The Serpentine’s Rage (rewrite)- The Serpentine are sick of failing and have their eye on the Ninja. Zane goes missing and Jay believes it is all his fault. Zane's condition is unknown. Kai knows Cole is hiding something. Then everything comes crashing down, leaving the Ninja lost. Will the Ninja find Zane? Will the results of all effect the future? What is Pythor hiding?

Fear Calling (New!)- One of ninja wake up sick and they try to shower before the morning training. Things don’t go to plan and they end up late to training. The ninja are worried, upset and impatient that they are late. What happened? Who is sick?

No Name (New!)- Peter Parker is kidnapped as Spiderman but when he wakes up from unconsciousness he finds that he doesn’t remember what happened and he can’t see! He panics and his senses overload with information. How will he get out of this predicament?

No Name (New!)- To the world, I’m Peter Parker. But truly, I’m Peter Stark. My identity has been hidden my whole life. Not even my best friend knows. I’m tired of hiding and I want everyone to finally know, I’m Peter Stark.

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