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Alright... Feel I got to post this cause some people can't take an honest review. No matter how good or bad an nasty it is. First of I don't sugar coat anything. IF a story starts out good and then falls short... I'ma call that shortness out. Now if a story starts out good, has some rough patches and then gets good again ya might get a mixed review. With that being said TAKEN REVIEWS WITH A GRAIN OF SALT AND ONLY LISTEN TO THEM IF THE ADVICE IS SOMETHING YOU AGREE TO. Also... GATA say this because it just happened. Label stories correctly. Not to long ago, few hours from when this went up I read or tried to read a Harry Potter fic. Now a big Harmony fan and very very pick with other, Ginny tops that very list. Now I went looking for Harmony stories. I read one summary and it sounded good. I skipped the authors page because they sometimes have spoilers and I like to read the summary then the story and IF the story interest me enough 9 out of 10 times I will go threw chapters to read the notes unless it's a note that's like READ THIS or something. hard to ignore those. But this story wasn't just a Harry Potter one it was a crossover. Now I'm all for those... if I know the crossover and such. Now this Storys summary made it seem good. First page was nothing but a note, I skipped because I wanted to read the story and if things started getting to out there I'd go back. Whelp, things got odd, had the characters names but seemed like a whole other universe, not the HP one. so I flat out left a review saying it should of been in crossovers, didn't sugar coat it ether. Now... Oh boy, now, I get to laugh in real life even tho I wasted my time reading it and the writers time sending me a pm... before blacklisting me. I didn't even say it was a bad fic and still won't but won't say ether the name or writers out of not respect he had for me and now same for me to him. BUT put of respect for the work, even if it was in stories and not crossovers. Apparently that makes me a troll... um ok, not actually one, would been on the news, even if mentally slow I'd try using my huge... wait would I be a forest troll or a mountain one... might make a difference. Alright rant done, now on to what I read an such. I'm just gave list them in no real order and probably gana miss a lot. Harry Potter, Naruto Bleach and other anime, Beast master(movies an tv show), Andromeda an Hercules, Marvel 90s cartoons and some MCU, DC, Buffy, Smallville, and I'm forgetting more then I remember. That an I didn't Wana go to old school an let's not bring up vampire movies an shows, rather a fan of them an large selections of horror, fantasy, scfi, an action. What I like is kinda done, eh, work on it later. An if some of this seems random an such sorry, not fully able to help but I do try, also why I have not made a story but wouldn't mind working with someone to make one. Not sure but I think... I know, I know, I ... CAN think, shocking but yeah, that's what muses are. Like take a concept from Marvel, Ghost panther, Twist it, shake it, add two more ingredients and see what comes to mind. Like having Harry blessed with powers similar to Ghost panther but make it a blessing, like he was young and Vernon bear him to a point that the soul in the scar die, but then if Harry did die, who would he meet. Eh, could be anyone really, death, an angel, god, parents, so on an so on. But the twist to that twist would be here. He gets the powers but also friends to help him not be lonely and also protected. Animals, a cat, a bird, 2 rodent like or Garret like. BUT just them and all need to be at least half animal. Now with the cat it would be his 'ride' but all the animals would get a power boost.

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