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Hey there! (:

You're checking out my profile?!? Wow, you must REALLY be bored! ;)

Buuuut, if you insist, here are 25 random facts about me:

1. I adore fanfiction, and read it often, but I never write it. Why? Cause my stories only work in my head and tend to have lots of plot holes, gaps, and borrowed names. I also have a bad tendency to never finish the ones I start. See #9 for my thoughts on THAT.

2. I'm a Leo (August 20).

3. I adore all animals

4. I'm a hopeless romantic.

5. I play the piano. I had my first lesson at 16.

6. I'm extremely Libertarian, and love to have in-depth discussions about religion, politics and philosophy.

7. I'm Taoist.

8. I am a HUGE history buff, the American Revolution being my favorite time period. I also love the Civil War, WWII, and ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt.

9. My biggest fanfiction pet peeve is when an author starts a story but doesn't finish it. It makes me mad. It just...does. Seriously. Finish your stories. T_T

10. I am incredibly insecure and I worry waaay too much about what other people think of me.

11. My favorite books are the Skulduggery Pleasant series, Time Warp Trio, Last Book In The Universe, Elsewhere and Frankenstein. I love books and read all the time.

12. I despise, in no particular order, : Math, closed-minded people, people who are mean to me for no reason, people who abuse animals/children, snobs, cantaloupe, mayonnaise, school, and UNC.

13. I am horrible at math. Just. Horrible.

14. I adore twins. My father is a twin and they run in my family. And while I am not a twin myself, but I hope to have a pair of my own one day.

15. I am an only child. I like it this way.

16. I adore purses. I have like, a bazillion of them.

17. I'm a deep thinker, unique, outgoing, and loud. I dislike shallow people and prefer to surround myself with people as crazy and open-minded as I am. :3

18. My favorite country in the entire world is England. Cause they're awesome. And they have kick-ass accents. I may also be SLIGHTLY obsessed with the British flag.

19. I love to travel and try to do it as much as I can. I hope to someday go to England, Australia, Italy, Greece and Japan.

21. I'm a quote freak. I keep a journal full of nothing but quotes that inspire me.

22. My favorite movies are The Incredibles, Lady and the Tramp, Bambi, Jeepers Creepers and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

23. My favorite holiday is Halloween and I also happen to be a horror movie junkie.

24. I am fully convinced that I was born in the wrong era (The 90's). I adore 50's and 80's music, love history, and would do anything to have been a teenager in the 50's. Seriously. Those scientist people need to hurry up and build me a time machine so I can go back to 1776.

25. There's no number 20 on this list. You went back and checked, didn't you? :-p ;)

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