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My penname used to be Bombalurinasara.

July 2012

I am currently updating and replacing chapters of my very first CATS story "In the Eyes of the Moonlight"

It was the first story that I published on here (almost six years ago) and it means a lot to me, so I have decided to edit all the errors out of it and make it awesome. So far I've got up to chapter 13 done and have replaced the stories old chapters up until then. I hope you guys enjoy the newest version!

I'm also going through all of my old stories, and fixing the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. I am attending University for English and Theatre, and am very surprised at how many mistakes were in my stories from 8 years ago. Well, at least I was surprised. I was so young back then that it really isn't all that shocking. Time really does improve your writing! There is hope for everyone!

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