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Oh shit... you’re actually lookin at me... umm ummm...

I got nothin

In all seriousness though, I’m just a simple dude doin things most people in my country wouldn’t. I’m not too terribly interesting either, but I’m not exactly boring.

What I AM though, is a Halo whore. I can talk/write ablut it for hours if you’re willing to listen or converse with me about it.

I’m a Sci-Fi and fantasy reader/writter but I do base certain things off of reality. Some of the ideas I have are a bit... sporadic, but that doesn’t mean I write with out a plan... for the most part.

But I am not one for talking about myself in a positive way, I’m more blunt to be honost, so I’ll take me que to leave

Stay Frosty,


*jumps out and crashes through window*

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