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This account is the secret archive of all my fandom stories since 2005. No matter what grows or changes, no matter how embarrassing it is or isn't, a little of my heart is always here. I worked hard on my stories and much of my love for writing took root here. I've wanted to get back into it for years, and hopefully, I'll really be here again. If you're new here, I made up StormDragon666 when I was 12 and I thought it was funny and I changed the name to something a little less dumb. May change further in the future.

24, military, and secret fanfic fan. I love Watership Down and dragons.


I'm all about that dark suspense and mystery and horror and dragons and around 80% of all ships ever. My tumblr is "Stormears" and it's full of that aesthetic and me bathing in my own writing nonsense.


Chasm: Posted Chapter 1, February 17. Chapter 2 is 3.5k along, as of 4/22/2018, expected length ~20k.

Firebreather: Sakura was ripped from the earth by a witch who enslaved her and made her and died for her. She's left stranded in a strange realm of believers and monsters and living moons. Many things will die for her. She'll carry the rest. //AU, MadaSaku, monsters, horror, friendship, BAMF burning Sakura. [Hopefully the best thing I've ever done, I've wanted to do this since 2012 goddammit and have tried to start it many times. Chapter 1's latest attempt is 3.1k along, as of 4/22/18, expected length ~20 - 25k.]

"All the world will be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies

And when they catch you, they will kill you.

But first they must catch you."

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