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Hello anyone who checks out my profile!

I am a University student studying to become a nurse who just happens to love reading and dipping her toes into some writting as well.

Currently in obsessed with Once Upon A Time and Captain Swan.

Current Works

Save Me From Myself
Missing Scene between Emma and Hook from 3x12 New York City Serenade “Swan, stop. We should talk about this.” His voice will be the death of me. Deep, commanding and almost hypnotic to my fragile heart. He pleads with me to tell him what’s wrong.

Anything For You
"Where the bloody hell do you think you are going, Swan?" She stops and looks at me incredulously. Maybe because I had the audacity to question her…perhaps because she found me stationed outside her room.

With Love and Jello
Series of ficlets following Emma and Killian’s journey to love with a little Jello on the side. Killian believes that Jello contains medicinal properties and no one has the heart to tell him.

Crumbling Walls
What if it wasn’t Neal who broke into the shop in 3x15? What if it was Rumple, and he sees Killian with Belle. In his crazed state, Rumple thinks Killian wants to hurt Belle, so he attacks Killian, but Belle stops him. He disappears and leaves a hurt Killian with Belle. Belle calls Emma, and she rushes to the hospital to see Killian. Captain Swan.

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