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Into the Fire: While on watch, Creedy and Quinn come upon a group of strangers carrying a wounded man. They claim that they'll be gone once their friend is healed up, but Creedy can't shake the feeling that they're hiding something important. A Reign of Fire/Harry Potter Cross-Over fanfiction.

Speak Not: To be an Unspeakable is to live a solitary life. Personal attachments are discouraged and faked deaths or disappearances are commonplace. Vivienne believed she could live a double life, especially if one of them was shared with Sirius Black. A "First War"-Era Harry Potter fanfiction.

The 61st Annual Hunger Games: A series of stories focusing on eight tributes from eight different districts. Thirteen years before the sensational Girl-on-Fire made her indelible mark on Panem, twenty-four young men and women entered a contest of strength and will to atone for sins they never committed. This is a collaborative series; the eight tributes I will focus on are my own characters and the other sixteen are taken care of by my collaborators and good friends Kathleen and Kenzie. A "Past Arena" Hunger Games fanfiction series.

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