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Hey what's up. Names Ruben I love Fanfiction and I love thinking up new ideas for them but I'm horrible at writing them due to my ADHD and OCD. I love playing video games, watching anime, and movies. I play PS4 all the way. I have and XBox , however I only played it for Halo and Gears of War but both series kinda died out for me. Favorite animes include: DBZ, FairyTail, Highschool DxD, Seven Deadly Sins, Black Clover, Demon Slayer, etc. I'm not particularly fond of Naruto but will still watch if I'm bored. I love Marvel and DC crossover fics as well as Gaming crossovers. Point blank if its a Good crossover then I love it. I do like smut fics but ONLY when its well written. I don't like the smut fics where the Male MC is just banging every chic he sees just because he can or because of plot armor. I hate illiterate fanfics and fics that do not have proofreading so, PLEASE proofread your works before posting. Many writers on here don't have any idea how badly they tick off their readers when the post a chapter that looks like it was written by a 2 year old. Also I absolutely despise SJW politics and Leftist ideology in fanfics, please keep your Liberal politics out of Fanfic. You'll cause more arguments if you adhere to the alphabet community or the Libtards who support them. I also do NOT support reading stories by authors who openly insult their readers because they disagree with them or their critiques. If you are an author who does this then I will make sure you get a bad rep and make sure you get blacklisted. If you feel offended than I'm sorry that you feel that way. But if you need help with ideas for new stories let me know I have no problem helping out. Excelsior!!!

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