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gender: Female

age: What do you care? It's for me to know, and for you to never find out. Isn't that just EXCELENT (think of Mr. Burns in The Simpsons).

ethnicity: For those who know, supper dy dupper; for those who don't sorry, but I ain't that stupid to tell you

home: In bright sunny California

updated: 11/24/06

Essentials to know about me:

I'm a lazy procrastinator, so sorry in advance if I take a long time to update. If I'm really into a story though, then I'll update sooner. Reviews also really help.

I'm also a romantic, so I tend to like happy endings, unless a story with an unhappy ending is really really good. So if my stories sound a little corny to you, sorry. Just point out where it is corny and yell at me, and I'll change it right away. I sometimes can't stand corny stuff either.

I tend to be optimistic, but some times I am downright cynical, so don't be surprised if my story is all fluffy one chapter and extremely depressing in the next. I can't help my mood swings.

I think to be fair, I'll try to update one chapter per month for all of my active stories right now, but if for some reason I don't, I'll try to make up for it by writing an extra long chapter the next time I update. Yeah, but that's just a goal, so please don't go killing me if I don't do as I say I would do.

updated: 10/26/06

Favorite Books: Ah, there are too many to list, so I'll list some

Harry Potter

Ella Enchanted

A Walk To Remember

A Demon in My View

Pride and Prejudice

The Jungle

The Count of Monte Cristo

Favorite Authors:

J. K. Rowling

Gail Carson Levine

Tamora Pierce

Nicholas Sparks

L. M. Montgomery (don't laugh, she's a classic)

Lurlene McDaniel

Eoin Colfer

Brian Jacques (I know this is weird, but he's so original. I love his animals!)

Favorite Anime/Manga:

Card Captor Sakura (CCS)

Kare Kano (KK)




Girl Got Game (GGG)

Sailor Moon (SM)


Juvenile Orion (JO)

Hana-Kimi (HK)

Paradice Kiss (PK)

Tsubasa Chronicles (TC)

DN Angel (DNA)

Zodiac P.I. (ZPI)


Peach Girl (PG)

Favorite Couples:

Sakura + Syaoran (CCS/TC)

Tomoyo + Eriol (CCS)

Touya + Nakuru (CCS)

Yukino + Arima (KK)

Ichigo + Rukia (Bleach)

Inoue + Ishada (Bleach)

Naruto + Hinata (Naruto)

Sunako + Kyohei (Wallflower)

Kyo + Kensuke (GGG) - I know that this is a weird coupling, but I think his character is cool. I think that the chemistry between Kyo and Chiharu is too weird and unstable for their relationship to last very long as a couple. Hate me or love me for this, I don't care, cause this is my opinion. If you want to argue this with me, then just leave a response or your e-mail addresson a review or something and I'll gladly debate it with you.

Serina + Darien (SM)

Kagome + Inuyasha (Inuyasha)

Sango + Miroue (Inuyasha)

Hermione + Fred (HP) - This might seem weird to you, but I find this coupling hilarious!

Ginny + Draco (HP) - This is an unusual coupling too, but I think it is intriguing.

I have more favorite couples, but if I continue to list them all, then this page would go on and on forever, so i'll stop it right here for now.

updated: 08/17/06


Hi everyone, hope you all enjoyed your holidays and looking forward to the New Year.

For my 2 Bodies, 4 Souls fans, sorry, still have the writer's block. I'm missing a chunk in the next chapter, but to recompensate for how long I've taken, I made it extra long. Hope you all forgive me.

For my A Creature of Twilight fans, story is going on fine, and i have a beta reader now too, so it should be better now since most of my mistakes should be corrected.

Thank you to all of those of you who have left me reviews, I really appreciate it. If you want me to update sooner, reviews really help to motivate me. Anyways, hope to see you all soon.

updated: 12/31/06

Stories Completed:

Confessions - Wallflower, rated K, Romance/General - Part of NerdSavvy's Holiday Challenge. Noi is going to the US. Can Takenaga tell her his feelings before she leaves? (One-shot)

Stories in Progress (For my own purposes, the stories that I have already written or completed will be more likely than not to be addressed by their acronym. Just a heads up):

2 Bodies, 4 Souls (2B4S) - CCS, rated K, Romance/General - It all started because two young goddesses were bored. Sakura/Tomoyo, and Syaoran/Eriol were placed under the same spell. The two pairs now share a body with their respectable partners. To break the spell, they must find their soul mates, but how will that happen when you are in control of the body half of the time? S+S, E+T (Chapter Completed = 3; Deadline for Next Chapter = none/determined to finish it before end of February; Stage of Chapter = developing; Chapters left = undecided)

A Creature of Twilight (ACoT) - Wallflower, rated T, Drama/Humor - Sunako’s older sister is coming to live with them. But what is it with this categorization of creatures of light, dark, and now twilight? What type of creatures are the sisters? How will this affect Sunako’s relationship with the boys? (Chapter Completed = 5; Deadline for Next Chapter = before end of February; Stage of Chapter = planning; Chapters left = undecided)

updated: 01/31/07

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