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Note from TankGirl: I get the pleasure of adding this because if seems to irk me the most out of all of us. It's one thing to bitch about our stories if you don't like them. That's fine. Helpful criticism will be taken to help mold and fix current and future chapters. Evil flames will be used to weld cracks and support beams on the site Mystic is building for us.

However, it is a completely different thing to come onto our site here, look over what is written, then go to out Fav lists and bitch about what we have there!! Some of us like Dark, some of us like Slash/Yaoi/Yuri/Shoujo-ai/Multi-ship (or whatever the Hell else you want to call it). Most of us enjoy more mature fics that have sexual situation in them. We're adults. If you don't like it, piss off! Our Fav list is precisely that: OUR Fav list. You don't like what's on it, then don't read it!! Don't send us a multi-entry flame under the name of Anonymous about how we're sick in the head for reading certain things you pussy! You know who you are!!

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Naruto: Book 1

OK, I just have to get this off my chest because, frankly, it's been bugging me ever since someone mentioned in one of their fanfics that the reason only nine people passed the real graduation test was because their were "too many graduates". Now, I can understand the graduation percentage being less than half by a decent margin (66% failure rate according to canon) because it seemed a good portion of Naruto's graduating class was nothing but Sasuke-fangirls who's sole reason for existing is to have his babies. But to say there were "too many graduates"? It's a military village who's entire economy is dependent on the next generation stepping up to replace those that had been killed on a mission. How the Hell can they have "too many graduates"?

On that note, however, is another thing that bugs me. How the Hell is an entire graduating class only 27 people? You mean to say there is only ONE classroom full of students for a whole graduating class??? How the Hell does that even work?!

Harry Potter: Book 4

OK, I know the whole point of this book was basically everyone turning on Harry and leading up to Voldemort's return and the War in general, but even in a backwards society like is depicted in canon, I can't see the whole school taking the canceling of Quidditch without a fight, especially when given no other activity to occupy their time. Personally, I can't understand why they even bothered to cancel the game in the first place when only one member of the whole student body could even compete in the tournament which took place in only three days over the entire year with not a single one taking more than couple hours at most to completely finish. In the case of Tasks Two and Three, I'm shocked anyone even bothered to show up to watch or didn't leave mid-competition out of sheer boredom since they couldn't see anything but the surface of the lake or a hedge wall the whole time. On that note, I personally find it ridiculous that there's only one extracurricular activity to occupy the student's time when they're basically trapped in an isolated location with the exact same people nine months of the year for seven years; it's amazing the lot of them aren't completely bat-shit insane from boredom by the time they graduate -_-. And before anyone says they have more than that, I don't consider movie canon to be canon; there is no mention of anything that speaks of entertainment other than Quidditch (which only 28 people in the whole school can be involved in at any one time) and whatever the students can come up with in their common rooms to occupy their time in the books.

Harry Potter: Book 5

You know, one thing I've never been able to figure out - in either fanfiction OR canon - is WHY the bloody Hell Harry puts up with being tortured the entire effing year? And everyone else too, for that matter. Umbridge is making you carve into your own hand for "detentions"? Refuse to show up! What the Hell is she going to do that's worse? Take house points? Give them more detentions? Expel them? All they would have to do is go to the hospital or the aurors and show them the results of the bitches "detentions". Problem solved! One thing I've always pointed out, about that year especially, is that house points and detentions are a blatant bribe/threat to make students behave themselves for teachers who are outnumbered 20 to 1 and completely stop mattering when the student(s) themselves have been pushed to the point that their give-a-damn has shattered. Really, when your canon depicts a bunch of teenagers that let themselves be tortured by something they can easily stop just by refusing to cooperate for an entire year and teachers who don't do a damn thing to help them other than advise to "keep your head down" and "do what she says", is it any wonder so many fanfiction writers depict the British Wizarding World's society as a bunch of mindless sheeple?

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Not so much a rant as an observation: Does no one else find it suspicious that Iemitsu, the Head of the CEDEF, was in charge of the ultimately unconcluded investigation of the deaths of Nono's three sons, which lead to his own son, Tsunayoshi, being the only possible successor as Decimo, effectively putting the Sawada Clan in charge of all branches of the Vongola Famiglia other than the Varia?

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Please note that anything posted is subject to being taken down to reposted due to spontaneous plot changes or the writer suddenly hating portion of something they've written for one reason or another.

UPDATE: I sincerely apologize to those of you who have started getting into it, but for the time being I'm taking down The Shadow. I've had a conversation with a couple of my reviewers and a few things they've pointed out have started severely bugging me, so I'm going to fix it and repost.

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Medical Ward for Victims of Venomous Plot Bunnies

Yeah, I've got so many crazy ideas running through my head, I know I'll never actually get around to writing them, so I figured I would share them. My only request is that if you choose to take one up, send a PM to us to let us know! We'd love to read it _

Challenge 1 - Naruto/Harry Potter

Harry IS Naruto. When Voldemort shot the Killing Curse at Harry, he used accidental magic to apparate himself to the Elemental Nations. Specifically, Konoha. Unfortunately, the exact same time he does this, the Kyuubi is attack. Through use of Tonks-level metamorphagus abilities, he changes himself to look like the Minato-clone Naruto is.

Just assume the real Naruto died with Kushina or simple never existed. Ignore the fact that the Kyuubi attack happened on October 10 while Voldemort's attack didn't happen until October 31; it's called fanfiction people! Tweak the dates!

Bijuu and Kyuubi's background can be anything you damn well please. The reason he (or she if you wish) attacked can be canon or completely made up. The two universes can be combined or completely separate. I'm not restricting you a whole lot here. I just want to see where this gets taken.

Challenge 2 - Naruto/Harry Potter

Same basic concept as Challenge 1. When Voldemort shot the Killing Curse at Harry, he used accidental magic to apparate himself to the Elemental Nations. Specifically, Konoha. Unfortunately, the exact same time he does this, the Kyuubi is attack. Instead of sealing Kyuubi's Yin chakra within himself, Minato seals it in Harry who conveniently pops literally out of the middle of no where... or the Shinigami decides to seal it within Harry instead of Minato. Take your pick. *shrugs* Go wild in your reasoning, but one way or another, one half of the Fox goes into Naruto, the other half goes into Harry.

Ignore the fact that the Kyuubi attack happened on October 10 while Voldemort's attack didn't happen until October 31; it's called fanfiction people! Tweak the dates!Also, feel free to change Harry's name to something more Japanese.

Again, Bijuu and Kyuubi's background can be anything you damn well please. The reason he (or she if you wish) attacked can be canon or completely made up. The two universes can be combined or completely separate. I'm not restricting you a whole lot here. I just want to see where this gets taken.

Challenge 3 - Naruto

I was reading a fic describing the Chuunin Exams and had a completely random thought that just appeared out of no where despite how many times I've read that particular scene in its many variations. It's fairly common that Sakura pussy's out and nearly gets her team disqualified only to have Naruto speak up just in time. However, despite the MANY Naruto fics I've read, I've never actually read one where they get disqualified in the first round due to Sakura's stupidity.

The Challenge: What would happen if he wasn't fast enough in stopping her and got them kicked out?

I was thinking the story could be one where Naruto was really smarter then he let on but was hiding it or that that point could be a major turning point in his behavior. You can treat Kakashi and Sasuke however you wish but Sakura is definitely getting bashed if for nothing more than her actions in the first part of the Exam.

Challenge 4 - Harry Potter / InuYasha

The Black family, though throughout the centuries they've forgotten, is descendent from an English Demon, specifically, a Grim who became powerful enough to gain a Human(oid) form. Only those Blacks who are closely connected to their Demonic blood can shift into their "true" form, though that form is mistaken for an animagus form in modern times. Sirius is the first Black to obtain an "animagus" form in at least a century.

Kagome is the daughter of Sirius Black. Run with that idea however you want. Harry, being the grand/great-grandson of Dorea Black also has the blood if you choose to actually use him in the story. The other known Blacks of the current generation are also a possibility (Tonks, Draco, etc.)

Challenge 5 - Naruto / Harry Potter

I got this idea based off a character description in some little HP fic that never went very far but the description stuck in my head.

“Headmaster.” Severus Snape replied in that deep, level voice that had cowed many an unruly student. He was one of those men who could fill a room with his presence, somehow looming even though he was not that tall. He had a hooklike nose, dark hair that fell to his shoulders and eyes that never seemed to open more than halfway.”

I read this and five words immediately came to mind as I laughed. 'Severus Snape is a Nara”.

Challenge 6 - Theme: Reincarnation

Came up with a scenario that is virtually the same barring which Tab A character you slip into Slot B: Reincarnation. I love reincarnation fics, but they're so damn hard to find when the author doesn't put that word in their summary.

  1. Non-idiot / Finally-grown-up Naruto is reincarnated as Dudley Dursley and acts as a big brother / mentor to Harry
  2. Non-idiot / Finally-grown-up Naruto is reincarnated as Dudley Dursley while Harry is the reincarnation of non-asshole / insane Sasuke / Itachi / Obito / Shisui / Izuna / Madara / Hashirama / Orochimaru / take your pick, virtually any character as long as they had dark hair.
  3. Harry is the reincarnation of Loki
  4. Harry is the reincarnation of Loki while Dudley is the reincarnation of Thor
  5. Thor steps in when Odin is attempting to punish Loki and BOTH get sent away into the same body. Loki is Harry's Slytherin side while Thor is his Gryffindor side. Both sides will be used when the situation calls for it and the way Harry grows up will have an effect on the both of them; after all, as Princes both Loki and Thor were spoiled brats growing up

Challenge 7 - Harry Potter / Gundam Wing

Harry and Trowa are identical twins. Sometime after their parents are killed and they are taken to the Dursley's (who actually treat them right, if somewhat distantly) Dumbledore shows up, Obliviates and spells the Dursley's and attempts to do the same to the twins, but it doesn't take. He then changes Harry to look like a clone of their father with green eyes and takes Trowa away. Either in transit or on purpose, Trowa gets away from him and is found by the mercenaries that raise him. The twins have the ability to communicate in their dreams, allowing them to keep up with each other and prevents any brainwashing. Trowa never actually loses his memories, he's just pretending to protect himself.

Your choice of evil, bad or simply manipulative Dumbledore Your choice about whether or not Harry is able to break the spells making his Aunt and Uncle treat him badly. Sympathy to be held all around if he's not and they're forced to continue in a manner which they're not. If broken, the Dursley's will be furious about what Dumbledore did to them, but recognize that it was the individual, not magic in general, that is responsible. They will move away to hide from Dumbledore, either to somewhere else on Earth or to the Colonies, but Harry will eventually have to go to Hogwarts, either willingly or by force.

Challenge 8 - Harry Potter / Hercules / Percy Jackson

Harry is Hercules (blend of PJatO / Disney versions), first Demi-God of Zeus. He is also the creator of Camp Half-Blood, whom he originally created to house and train ALL those who could be considered Half Breeds, whether of divine origin or not. Unfortunately, at some point Zeus more or less took it over and turned it into what basically equates to a Greek indoctrination camp.

At some point in the past, Hecate, Goddess of Magic (among many other things) asks Hercules to take a quest for her in conjunction with Hades and Thanatos to retrieve both three items Thanatos had been forced to make in response to an Oath (the Deathly Hallows) and five items containing soul pieces of a little shit throwing Hades books off by escaping Death (the Horcrux). Blessed with magic by Lady Hecate, he is de-aged and replaces the identity of one Harry Potter, one of her Legacies, after the third time his horrid Uncle nearly kills him.

Fast forward several years, to the arrival of Percy Jackson in CHB, and Hercules returns to find his little brother, Dionysius, has been forced to take over his place as Camp Director as punishment for chasing one of their Father's favorite Wood Nymphs, as well as restricted from alcohol entirely for a 100 years. As Hercules explains to Percy (and half the eavesdropping camp) to explain his brother's horrid attitude, Dionysius was a millennia old functioning alcoholic who was forced to go cold-turkey off his addiction and interact with children who either hadn't hit it yet or was smack-dab in the middle of the hormone-induced psychosis known as puberty; don't you think that would make you more than a little bitchy? They were lucky he hadn't snapped yet and made them all insane; he was the god of Madness for a reason after all.

Challenge 9 - InuYasha / Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Just a random idea because I've been reading as inordinate amount of KHR crossovers lately and I couldn't find any decent IY ones.

The long and short of it is, Namimori is known alternative as the “Mafia retirement town” because Mafia from all over go there to get out of the life; Kagome has Flames and is essentially Mafia raised. I'm thinking either a Cloud (Inverted or Classic), a Lightning to replace Lambo, a Sky in her own right, Earth Flames of some variety or making up Water Flames.

If she's going to be involved in Tsuna's Famigalia, she's either going to have to be a few years older than them so her past adventures are over before Reborn shows up, or she's going to have to be closer to preteen when she goes, making everyone in the past a few years younger, which could drastically alter the way they react to things and even events in general. Some things would remain the same, however, because Naraku only moved after the Shikon showed back up. If she's a Cloud, I see her clashing with Hibari. Frequently. Either territoriality if they're both Classics or possibly just her pack mentality wanting to form a pack with the strongest if she's Inverted... of course, the whole “strongest only” thing is a Cloud trait in general, soooo... If she's a Lightning, you're going to have to get creative with the Flames use, because “charge in and beat on it until it stops twitching” isn't exactly her style. Regardless, I foresee Lambo becoming another Shippou to her. Sky, Earth and Water all have their own complications in that you're going to have to get creative because she can't steal Tsuna's Elements for herself. Kagome fixing Tsuna of his Sealing issues is up to you. Options are either removing the seal entirely with her Houriki (Holy Ki of all varieties can alternatively be the long extinct “Water Flames”), removing it with her Flames (if she's a Sky) or simply teaching him to compensate for the seal.

Challenge 10 - Harry Potter / Katekyo Hitman Reborn

I set this set of challenges based solely on the fact that Verde is an awesome but severely underused character and I have honestly never seen any of the following.

Harry is Verde. That's it. Go wild on the background. I just want to see a Verde!Harry come into existence. Harry (or fem!Harry if you're uncomfortable with the idea) is married to Verde. Once again, go wild on the background. (S)he can be any Flame you like and it can be at any point in the time line you like, but I would recommend it being either before they're cursed or after they're freed; Bianchi (who is barely 18 in part 1) claiming to be Reborn's lover (despite him having been stuck in the body of an infant for the past 30-some-odd years) always creeped me out more than slightly. My personal backstory (that I'm probably never going to get around to writing) is that Harry started off as Verde's assistant / secretary / general dogsbody and bringer of the damn-good-coffee, there was an accident in the lab caused by one of his other assistants displaying an unacceptable level of Stupid which woke Harry's Flames as (s)he attempted to defend herself from dying in the impending fiery explosion; how she survives is dependent entirely on which Flames she is and your level of creativity in using them, because canon's use of each Flames abilities to so damn limited and taken annoyingly straightforward and literal. Take cues from Umei no Mai's “Black Sky” universe if you can't think of anything on your own. My personal fem!Harry (tentatively named either Lotus or Ivy) is a Rain primary with possible Cloud secondary Flames that only raises it's irritable head when her Territory (namely those she considers “family”) is threatened, namely her husband and children.
Harry is raised by Verde; adult or Arcobaleno, doesn't matter. Either way, Hogwarts is going to be in for a surprise when they learn their “Savior” was raised by a highly cynical scientist with access to technology that most claim shouldn't exist – primarily because he's the one that invented it in the first place; modern Da Vinci indeed _
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