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Hey there, all you people out there in fanfic land.

If it's all right with all of you out there, I need your help with something.

I'm planning to write a script for my own version of Kingdom Hearts III, and once I'm done with it, I plan to send it to both Disney and Square Enix. Who knows, maybe they'll accept it! (In the meantime, I'll temporarily post what I've written of my script up onto this site.)

But in order to do this, I'll need your help. I need some people to please help come with ideas with for original Heartless enemies (both regular and bosses) to populate my KH III.

So therefore, I'm officially announcing my own little contest. Send me your best ideas for Heartless via PM (Private Message) on my account here.

I need original Heartless for the following worlds:

Radiant Garden

Disney Castle


Olympus Coliseum

Port Royal (based this time on Dead Man's Chest)

Kingdom of the Sun (based on The Emperor's New Groove)

Sherwood Forest (based on Disney's animated Robin Hood film)

Notre Dame (based on The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Prydain (based on The Black Cauldron)

New Orleans (based on The Princess and the Frog)

Pleasure Island (from some of the other parts of Pinnochio)

Origin Castle (world of my own invention)

Realm of Darkness (the dark realm from most of the KH games now transformed into a single, three-dimensional world)

The deadline for all entries for this contest is February 9. On that day, I'll go through all of the entries and pick the Heartless ideas I like best for each world. On February 10, I'll announce the winning ideas and the names of the fanfic authors who came up with those ideas. (To the losers, don't worry, I'll give honorable mentions to everyone who took part in the contest but didn't win.)

As for prizes, the winners will earn the privelege to sometime in the near future make a request of a character, TV series, or franchise to appear in one of my future fics, and I'll include them in some form or another (as long as they're family friendly and G-rated). You'll also receive full credit for coming with the ideas for your Heartless if I manage to get my KH III game made, and even if I don't, you'll still get credit on the copy of the script that I post up onto the site.

So, could you guys please help me out here? I'll be looking forward to what you come up with from now until February 9!

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