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Hiya. Call, me Lumin for short, as my username is so long. I'm 19, female and I am born, raised and still living in Australia. I also have no life what-so-ever!!

I am absolutely obsessed with reading. I like to write as well, however, I much prefer reading other's work than write my own. Maybe I can soon bring myself to actually write one, but, who knows.

Lets see, I love the colour black, blue, purple, forest & emerald green. I am also a huge addicted fan who loves to watch anime and there fanfics.

I like reading anything Harry Potter, especially fanfics, as well as any other fanfics for just about any anime.

I also love playing anything with a remote controller or a keyboard!!

I certainly love living in the 21st Century!!! Life would surely suck with out it. In my case anyway.

Any-who, I am looking forward to all the stories that I can read. Especially since I have nothing better to do.

Lumin :) :)

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