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If you are experiencing issues with mental health, please seek out a medical professional. Black-and-white thinking is common among mental health issues and can further complicate proper communication, making you feel boxed in, misunderstood, alone, fed up, or at a loss. You are not alone.

Do not let issues with mental health isolate you or stop you from reaching out for professional help. Medical professionals will be there for you - objectively and appropriately.

Family and close friends might also a good choice to talk to, to help sort through any distress you may be experiencing, but when the slightest provocation can set you off, medical professionals – mental health professionals – can help you work through underlying causes, give you the tools needed to handle distress (past, current and future) being experienced, and help you move forward with your life in a heathy way.

It is always ok to ask for help. It is always ok to reach out.

Mental health professionals can, and will, calmly help you sort through any distress. Mental health professionals can, and will, help you in an appropriate manner.

Working out distress (projecting) on others, even anonymous strangers, is not ok and it is not appropriate. This is an indicator to seek out help and focus on building appropriate boundaries.

Please reach out to your family doctor or local health center to find a mental health professional near you.

If in-person appointments cause further distress, if there is a waitlist, if it is not affordable, or if the idea of it overwhelms you, please seek out your local distress or crisis phone line and a professional, formally educated, vetted, volunteer will help you through any distress you may be experiencing.

Please take care of yourself.


I am an avid reader. I typically favour stories that are in the Naruto-verse, however, I also enjoy fanfiction pieces in the:

Mercy Thompson,
Alpha and Omega,
Yu Yu Hakusho,
Avengers, and
X-Men series.

I have a list of favourite's stories that show this, if you are looking for other stories to read! There are some really good authors on this site.

On a more personal note:

I enjoy laughs, seeing a laugh take over a person until they're a mess, lazy smiles, and seeing others stand up for a complete stranger in a way that is genuine and not an ego-boost. I am an absolute goober for those four things, and those four things are a part, not the whole, of how I chose my closest friends.

More toward personal focus/thing that really hurts: I understand the importance of not giving into self-deprecation, whether it's genuinely perceived as humorous or not, as it dehumanizes not just that person, but every person and every group connected to the subject of self-deprecation... It's going to take a while until I'm finally and fully fed up with self-deprecation - definitely getting there, but there's still a lot of edges that are going to take some time to wear down.


Lots of great stories here!

Keep on that mojo and have a great day!

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