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There's been a story I've been holding off of, telling my personal life and how I became SomewhereinNevda614. I live in southern California, and still do to this day with my parents, and grandparents. I had a sister, but she's pretty much nonexistence at this point and that would be another story to tell in the future. Just a heads up, I still want to keep myself as anonymous. My parents are both Vietnamese and were living in Vietnam at the time when the war had started. They escaped of course, but being separated from different parts of the world. Fast forward on my birthday, I was born on June 14. 1991 hence my account is 614. Fortunately I was not alone in this world, as I had an older sister, and for another anonymous reasons, we'll call her "L." My father is a lab technician working at a heat treating company and my mother was working at a nail salon. It keeps the food on the table and the bills from being encumbered., unfortunately we don't have much. When I was a kid, I was pretty pathetic in life, I had horrible grades, was uninterested in any activities, and didn't have much friends, if not at all. That is until I met Andrew back in the first grade, my best friend who's currently subbing my profile, and by growing up we both had interest in two things only. Video Games, and our two favorite heroes; Link and Mario. Okay maybe three more, but that's besides the point. The other kids would usually play sport like activities, basketball, baseball, handball, and etc. however for us, we would be larping (embarrassing I know, still am till this day) as our favorite heroes; Link and Mario. Andrew being Link, while I was Mario. We created our own adventures during our times in elementary, all the way to the sixth grade. During my years of my elementary years was hell for me, I was clueless most of the time when it comes to school studies and critical thinking. Students, teachers, and bullies would make fun of me for my fail performance and my parents aren't any better either as I usually get whippings and place my knees on cold tiles until it goes numb. This is when my patience has started to bare fruit. Not only that, but my sister was a real pain in the ass as well, for causing my parents so much drama, harm, and headaches at the time.

Fast forward to Middle School, my life was at a constant up and down, but honestly this was actually the time where I was excited to go to school. My friend and I no longer larping, as we had gotten older and had a different interest in our mind. We still love video games and still do till this day, but there's something else that had kept our interest for the rest of the years. Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Back then, those cards were the best thing that had ever come to existence, during my time, everyone, and I mean...everyone! Had these cards, including teachers! Back then the rules were more simple and less complex as it is now, but it was then that made me had friends back then. The heart of the card indeed, we had share, trade, and sold our cards to others as we battle it out, and till this day, I still remember having a Warrior/Dragon type deck. Ah memories. Also on a good side, my grades were actually improving and I was self aware of my work that I was finally proud of myself, something that I have been wanting for so long. Not to mention I had found my all time favorite cartoon flash called Madness Combat which is important later on in my life. However...good things don't always last long. This was the time that I had actually got into a lot of fights, I let loose my anger as I thrash, dive, kick, punch, and sometimes bite my way to victory because all the pain I had succumbed during those years in elementary had finally been unleashed. Sometimes however, I lose, and this drew in my depression and anger mixed. This was actually the time where my best friend Andrew had left me after graduation. During those times, it had pained me, scared me for almost my whole life, knowing that my true friend is about to leave me forever. Then in a blink of an eye, he was gone, not even a good-bye simply because his father was an ass. Ever since then...my personality had forever changed.

High school had finally hit, and I was not ready nor prepared for this upcoming event. People keep telling me that high school is the best time of your life, which I will have to disagree as a whole. In my point of view, high school was just survival. The people I knew no longer play Yu-Gi-Oh cards anymore, I was alone once again as I trod down the hallways and fields, looking for a place to actually called "hangout." The people there were worse than before as they constantly harass me which I did my best to ignore, but the temptation on grabbing a two by four sounds even better. It was to the point where I was completely angry at everything and everyone, even to the ones that actually try to help me. I knew what I did was wrong and a bit ashamed as I looked back, but I just can't help, but feel angry. This time I had gotten into more fights than ever before, my grades were dropping like flies, and I no longer cared for the world anymore. My parents did their best to help me, but my sister "L" isn't making their lives any easier. Soon, I became antisocial, wear sweaters everyday even in the summer, no longer go out, ignore my homework, refuse to study, and had thoughts of suicide. I no longer had any so called "friends" because they had ditched me and left with some other punks and turn on me. I barely past high school with a C, something I'm not even proud of, but whatever, school was never my forte and it still is to this day. Fortunately, not everything during my high school was a complete downer, I had a YouTube account. The first account was Madness614, this was the account where I had posted up my MUGEN videos. In case you're wondering what is Mugen, it's a custom fighting game that is extremely unbalanced because there is no rule to the game. Anyways, I had posted a few videos on that channel of me playing as Super Mario, kicking the living crap out of over powered characters. People loved it as I was considered the best Super Mario player they had ever seen. I had to thank JudgeSpear for giving inspiration during that time and a few other people whom I had forgotten :(. It was then that I was at peace when I was at home, making videos one a few weeks. Then I started doing a small fanfic video called: Mario's Destination (insert Super Mario vs anonymous #) It was then, that my popularity had gain some reputation. I had felt at home as I had continued the videos, making others happy as I write, and at the same time, give the viewers some entertainment value of the battle. It was then, that my account was hacked and I could no longer gain access to the old videos. As if I wasn't angry enough, I had became mental at this state, thinking about killing a certain someone, or almost attempting to do it too. I then created another account MadnessReturns, I had continued on the Mario's Destination series, but I could never obtain that same amount of people that had been watching it before hand, even if I try to contact them. Anyways, I had decided to shut down my account because I cannot give what my fans wanted and I was losing interest in the series. It was then...I was stuck.

Like I said before, I had graduated with a C, barely passing, hell I didn't give two crap about graduation, people told me to wear a long nice pants, but I decided to wear jeans, it made me comfortable.


This account is currently being substituted by his best friend Andrew and his other good friend NFS KayChan. Stories will still be uploaded.

Want to talk? PM me about anything, life, games, movies, etc.

The tumor is announced to be cancerous on June 22, 2013 D:

Somewhere in Nevada, a battered body is denied death, in order to grant en masse. Do what comes naturally. -Madness Combat

Death is just an inconvenience - Hank J. Wimbleton

I purge the wicked. The impious madness must end. I shall be the instrument of Armageddon. It has gotten out of hand. The end has begun -Jesus H. Christ / Jebus

Danger system overburdened. Keystone fragment has been COMPROMISED! Need MOAR! - The Auditor

Pain Maximum Threshold. Incomplete. Retry. Insufficient performance. Vengeance. Suffer suffer. Get up. -Tricky the clown

Their disharmony is my pain. And my pain...belongs to them. - Mag Agent Torture

Why create, when it will only be destroyed? Why cling to life, knowing that you have to die? Life...Dreams...Hope...Where do they come from? And where do they go? I'M GOING TO DESTROY IT ALL! HAHAHA -Kefka Final Fantasy 6

When I was a kid I love Pokemon, you know the cards, the game, and the accessories, but then I got older and focus on something different, I went astray from the franchise and seeing it as kiddy stuff. Years go by and one of my friend introduced me to a Pokemon game on the DS Pokemon Pearl which I played and loved it. I soon fell in love with Pokemon all over again and played all of the games and read the mangas and have become a fan to it.

Pokemon Shippings I approve

BurningLeafshipping (Red x Leaf) Sure, in the game they never met or have seen each other, but for some odd reason, they seem to look like best couples I've seen in the Pokemon franchise. I believe that Leaf is indeed in the game as an outsider compare to Red and Blue.

Chessshipping (Black x White, Hilbert x Hilda, Touya x Touko) By far the most interesting couple I've seen. They met in the game and became a pair in the battle subway in Pokemon Black and White. I do like the idea of them meeting each other and falling in love. _

Fortuneshipping (Dawn x Lucas) OH MY GOD. Why aren't there enough of these shipping? This is a very cute couple and I do wish to see more fanarts and fanfictions from them, however people see it differently and see them as friends. I as hell do not see them as friends. I also despise Barry/Daimon No offense TwinLeafshippers, I can't see how he can be with Dawn.

Pokemon Adventure Manga Shippings I approve

Luckyshipping (Red x Blue/Green) The evidence is pretty strong here and they always think about each other. Not to mention it reminds me of Red x Leaf in my eyes, they're the same people. Red fought for Blue, and he didn't do it on a normal way either, no he went ape shit insane! He fought for her and just her at that point in FR/LG arc, and I'm just going to say it, it's love. That's what love does to you, you go crazy for that one person who you cared about, and don't care about the risks. Isn't that what love is? Even on Blue's part where she went to go comfort him, it's still love, probably not in a romantic way, but in a friendship way. Whoever the hell thought up of an idea of them thinking each other as bros and sis, that's just stupid. I'm not saying it's canon, but I'm saying these are based on a true relationship, something called feelings towards each other. Oh and it's stringless so they're free on whatever they want to do.

Feelingshipping (Green/Blue x Yellow) I am honestly not a fan of Gary, and Blue/Green (in the game) they're just assholes. However I do support these two because I can.

Very sad fan made manga about Red and Leaf, wish I could understand what's it saying http:///member_illust.php?mode=manga&illust_id=24357509


Specialshipping (Red x Yellow) Lets be honest here, who here actually like this shipping for what it is and not based on looks? Well according to the majority of the fanbase, its about the looks and not the character developments themselves. I dislike this shipping because it is more of a hero worship for Yellow, for those who ACTUALLY READ THE MANGA Yellow's side may seem more like a small crush, but from what I see, it looks like she worships him, looks up to him as a friend or a brother out of respect. Honestly, her moments with Red are extremely random and confusing to say the least, not to mention she just happens to show up at the last minute of the arc which in my opinion, very bad, considering that the others did the job and only for her to finish it when she just comes out of nowhere? DON'T GET ME STARTED WITH STRING, THAT'S A BAD HINT AND RUSHED! Reminds me of Sailor Moon where all she had to do is use a best attack and it'll be over with, but doesn't use it till the very end. Also there's this rumor that it's been confirmed canon by Kusaka himself? Please fill me in on where these people got this information and exactly where did they get it. I keep hearing that it's been deleted right from away. Okay, if that's true, then why couldn't they just post it somewhere, quote the exact words on what Kusaka said, or better yet, take screenshots? And it was told in the year 2005 during the BIG EDIT? Okay, but why did we just found out in the year 2012? If the fans can get a screenshot of Ruby faking his forgetfulness on his confession to Sapphire, then why couldn't the fans get it right on this one? Another problem is on a business standpoint, Kusaka isn't stupid enough to just say it straight out of the blue, that's bad business and a poor execution. There's too many loopholes that I'm going to call BS on this whole canon crap. I'm looking at you Seribii!

Oldrivalshipping (Blue/Green/Leaf) In the words of Kefka from Final fantasy VI, "I HATE...HATE...HATE HATE HATE HATE" this shipping to no end. People can ship anything and that's fine, but when it is ship purely base on the looks and somehow the RUMOR spread out to be canon? That's just downright low, and it shows how desperate these shippers can be sometimes. They hardly interact at all, what makes Green a better candidate for Blue when all he does is insult her? What ever happened to the person who comforts someone who's in pain or suffering, but just downright insult them? There is a guy who did a History of Blue who couldn't even get the history of pokemon itself right! The game came out first, Kusaka is basing his mangas out of the game, not the other way around. He then said at the very end of the video that Blue and Green might have a romantic interaction? Are you kidding me? And Blue blushing in front of Green? Since when!? Can't look at each other in eyes? Uh yeah they did before and there's nothing going on. So what if she called him cute, aren't you forgetting that she used him!? Oh what makes it different for Red, well the fact that she keeps flirting and making him embarrassed all the time makes it more applicable, especially when it's uncalled for. DON'T GET ME STARTED ON PESKY GIRL! I can go on and on about this shipping, but I prefer not to at the moment.

So...you guys still think Oldrival is canon? Well...I'm sorry to say this, but you've been lied to


spread the words and stop the lies and deceit. Stop the BSing.

Andrew's Critic (Warning if you are either a fan of both Special and Oldrival, stop reading this! DO NOT BASH ON THE AUTHOR HIMSELF IF YOU GOT SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT, THEN TALK TO ME)

Specialshipping: Oh...boy...how could I put this in a nicer way...let's start out with the character Yellow herself. What can I really say about her, well...what can I say about her in general? She's a nice, cute young trainer with good intentions on pokemon and a moe to put it bluntly. How can I hate or dislike her? Well it's more of a dislike than a hate. I have one word to say about her, she's UNNECESSARY! Everything about her is unnecessary, her powers, her role, the title, and being the main character herself.

First of all, how come we don't get a proper background of her powers, let alone herself? "Every several years a child is born with some sort of power." Cool, can we get a proper history lesson on why this happens? No? Oh...what a shame. What the hell Kusaka? Why make a character that YOU make, an OC character, without a proper background and her powers? We've gone through so many arcs and it is yet to be explained even further! You had many years to tell it to us, but haven't done anything about it! Oh, but she has an uncle, who's a fisherman...yay? Her powers can heal pokemon! Yeah, that's great and all, but why even bother having these kinds of powers at all? Let those be used on a pokemon because they're the ones with powers, it'll be weird for some sort of humans to gain an unknown ability. Besides psychic, at least it has a proper background and there are more than one psychics.

Second, her role is just being a deus ex, meaning? A person that has a sudden solution to the story and it happens every god damn time! We need to defeat this bad guy, oh wait let's just use Yellow! That way we can save time and money on every pages regarding the Dex Holders from further fighting! Gee that's a great idea Kusaka, let's do that! Like seriously dude? Like...we're expected to believe that someone like Yellow to take care and handle every situation the bad guys throw at the Dex Holders? Is this suppose to be the part where we as the reader, like yellow like that? I for one, do NOT like that, it's lazy! Not to mention, an OC character, who's OP on her powers alone! Why is she getting so much credit for just...being unoriginal and boring? Yes, I find her to be a boring character, she has no motivation other than protecting pokemon, but that's the flaw of her motivation! Pokemon will battle regardless of what they are, they're animals, who are bound by their trainers and Yellow wants no conflicts of the pokemon battle? Give me a break, okay, it's nice to have that motive, but honestly, it's impossible to do so.

Third, her title...the healer? Seriously? Again, with the whole power thing for Yellow, it's just so lazy and it lacks any creativity that the writers have done so well with the other characters. By giving Yellow super natural powers and being a moe, it's just being a cash grab because that's what Japanese people love and adore! I guess we're going to need some kind of cute character..._

Fourth, her role being the main character, my biggest gripe with her. I mean sure she had an interesting concept at first, but what really killed me is that she was filled in as a Dex Holder aka main characters. She's not in any media besides the adventure series, here you are, being allowed to write a pokemon manga with your own intentions given with the already characters from the games. But why make an OC character? Is it because the pokemon yellow game had Red again? Well that idea should have been established a background for Red (who we still haven't received any information yet...) There was no need for a character like Yellow in the first place, and she acts more like a supporting character, hell, she doesn't even fight! She's a passive who hasn't learn anything throughout her journey with the Dex Holders, and her random act of actions are just so out of place and it doesn't seem to fit in any part of the story. Why again Kusaka, why do you fill her in as a main character?

I want to like this character, I really do, but...she doesn't have character developments and her lack of background and powers really dropped the bomb on my head. She really does have a chance, but its on thin ice right now, the fact that Kusaka made such a bland character really grinds my gears.

Now onto the shipping itself...oh Christ...I know I'm going to eat sh.t for this. I didn't write anything for Red because he HAS NO INTEREST IN YELLOW WHATSOEVER, IF SOMEONE SAID THAT HE DOES, DON'T LISTEN TO HIM/HER FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF BY READING THE MANGA!

Let's start out by something that I actually like from the shipping. Yes, there are a few things I actually like. First off, he saved her from a Dratini, not only was this Red's nature to help everyone in need, but it also have a possibility of having character developments between the two, however, FANS KEEP BRINGING THIS UP SO MANY TIMES! HE DID THIS TO BLUE(girl) TOO, IN FACT HE SAVED HER MANY TIMES THAN YELLOW! Second; Red giving her his old pokedex. It was nice and it has some interesting factors behind this, like this could start out in a beautiful relationship; Red could possibly teach her a thing or two on pokemon. I like it, it shows that Red will help her train or become better at battling right? WRONG! He just gives it to her and that's it...yeah...the Yellow arc was really boring.

To be continue...

Possibility upcoming stories in the future

Broken Once Again: Things are finally looking up for Red and Leaf, Red have finally propose to Leaf after so many years of being boyfriends and girlfriends. However all good things come to end when a long forgotten enemy tries to break them, literally. Rated M for Violence, possibly Lemon if fans demand, and Cursing. (BurningLeafshipping / Luckyshipping)

Bodyguards: Three friends are in desperate need of cash, until one of them found a job that they can all take. They reluctantly agreed on the idea, becoming a bodyguard, but what they didn't know, is that they have to guard the most wealthiest sisters in Unova. (BurningLeafshipping, Chessshipping, Visorshipping)

Dissenter: Red and Blue share a special moment with each other, until Blue went missing after revealing her feelings for him and all she left was a message. Red's worried sick ventures off on his own to rescue Blue and help her on a mission that's been bothering her lately. (Luckyshipping / BurningLeafshipping) Minor lemon, nothing too detail. Ratings might change in future chapters.

(Debating)The Missing N: After N's defeat by Black and White, he goes out of the region to search for a purpose for pokemon and humans to coexist. White wants to go look for N, claiming that she's in love with him, however Black thinks otherwise saying that she just feels sorry for him and that she's confused with her own feelings because Black doesn't want her be hurt when she finds out that N doesn't actually reciprocate that same feeling. How does he know? N told him. White and Black have left Unova, new heroes rises to take on the challenge against Team Plasma. (Chessshipping / little FerrisWheelshipping / Visorshipping)

Pandora: After being defeated by the young pokemon trainer Ethan; Red decides to end his life by jumping off of the cliff, thinking that he has nothing left to live for. But he somehow found himself back in Pallet Town, and who is this girl living in his own home!? Why can't people see him? (BurningLeafshipping / Luckyshipping)

Red is a runaway orphan with no parents, no money, no friends, poor, and homeless. All he ever known in his life was being a pickpocket in order to survive the harsh small town called Pallet Town. That is until he met a cute rich girl who just moved in to Pallet Town named Leaf who tries to befriend him, but can they trust each other? (BurningLeafshipping / Luckyshipping)

Tales of Pokemon Adventure: My own version of Pokemon Adventure, medieval style. Life has become a chore for Red back in Kentucky, but when he finds a Poke ball with strange markings on it lying around the field of his house, he transports into the world of Pokemon. Confused, scared, and worried, he ventures off in the mysterious region of Kanto to find a way back home, but not alone. Rated M for blood and gore, maybe sexual content (Luckyshipping, Feelingshipping and many more)

Reverse: Yellow needs Red's help in a more private area because she is too embarrassed to tell anyone else. Blue and Green sees this outcome and Blue suggests to spy on them with Green, hoping that whatever Yellow's saying might reveal a revelation between the two. But can Red help Yellow at all? (Luckyshipping)

(Debating)Deaf Dumb Dad: Rose wanted a father who can speak, hear her out, listen to her troubles, and share her thoughts and feelings. Who is this father? Red. One-Shot (little BruningLeafshipping / Luckyshipping)

Songs I recommend when reading my stories.

Broken Trilogies - Nelly Furtado All good things come to an end.



Spanish version (personally I find this one better.)

Unworthy - Super Paper Mario Memory 4


Reverse - Owl City Hello Seattle


Tales of Pokemon Adventures - Bonnie Pink Ring a Bell


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