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Dracomancer1 PM
Joined Dec '05

Age: 27

Location: somewhere cold

Origin Story: I'm the son of two psychiatrists, I went to an engineering school. Not much more to say.

Favorite things: A good puzzle, a well-crafted piece of technology, the end of a long hike, fresh fish and chips, a fluffy puppy.

As for my fanfic preferences:

I think crossovers are magic. They're a perfect opportunity for an author to show off their skill in both simulating the characters and rules of the original while adding their own spins and insights that might have gone unexplored. I think single-character (X falls through a dimensional portal) or single-element crossovers (Venom Symbiote meets the main character, main character finds a lab where they get superpowers) are most abundant and accessible while having the least likelihood of going wrong, but the rare treasure is one where the divide between universes is near-invisible, ones like Variant Strain by scriviner or Child of the Storm by Nimbus Llewelyn.

I also like the "What if?" scenarios where a character takes an unlikely technique or resource and either abuses the shit out of it or uses it in a novel way. It usually results in the complete destruction of the order of things, and the way different authors approach that is beautiful.

I dislike excessive bashing, I think if someone wanted to fully pick apart the rights and wrongs of a character's behavior they could make an essay out of it, not post an ongoing story. At that point, it's just masturbation.

Grammar and spelling mistakes, especially repeated ones, I'm not a fan of. Run a quick spellcheck, re-read your stuff out loud, there's no excuse for that stuff since there's no deadlines for fanfics.

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