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Despite how annoying this may be for any of you who have been patiently waiting for an update on my story, I should say that I don't really plan on posting here anymore. In fact, I don't really go on this site anymore at all. I've just been too busy and I can't bring myself to write fanfiction right now since I have my studies and own original stories to worry about, so I don't really have any need nor want to post stuff here. Sorry if you wanted more from me, but unfortunately I don't think I can bring myself to do more. If anyone wants to adopt WDH, please PM me and I’ll give you all the details you need to know (you're also free to PM me if there is anything else you wish to ask about. I don't mind, although it'll probably take me a while to notice it and reply. Sorry about that). If someone does decide to adopt it then I’ll announce that here and on the first chapter of the original story, but only once they start posting the story so they’ll feel free to back out if they want to. It’s fine with me if someone changes their mind about it, so if you say you want to adopt it but later change your mind then feel free to say.

I didn't plan out White Dragon Hitsugaya anywhere near enough, and due to that I just lost my motivation to write it. For any inexperienced writers here, take this advice from one noob to another; plan your story out thoroughly, and try to avoid writing long stories when you first start writing because you'll pull that huge, beautiful idea off so much better when you have more experience. Enjoy yourselves.

Take care buddies.

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