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Surprisingly little customization options.

Alright lets start. Neo-Pagan, Social Democrat and possibly a bit of a jerk on those who earn it.

Oh and by the way memes are the best.

Fire4Heaven, Istwill56, Final Fight 45, For45Why, and 20Seven2 are all her, as far as I can tell.

This has to be the worse thing anyone ever did. I'm more disappointed in how they could dehumanize me and claim someone else basic

Yeah, I probably should have specified, but that was literal, they were an actual nazi, right down to identifying as ‘neo-norse’ and racial cleansing. I wish that was hyperbole, but it wasn’t.

I stand corrected this is the worse thing anyone has ever done. Act said this. I literally can't believe anything. I can't even vote for Sanders without being a Hitler incarnate to them.

Warning to all who claim I'm Blaze. YOU WERE FUCKING TOLD THAT WE WERE SEPERATE PEOPLE YOU JACKASSES! So now that Blaze is gone you what magically think I'll go away? God danm and they claim Blaze as issues!

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