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Decided to update this because while my taste mostly hasn't changed the amount of interaction with the fandoms I read from has (I just made it look more visually appealing...to my eyes at least).

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So if you clicked this you're either really mad or happy about a review I left...or bored, I'm not judging.

I love fanfiction but have a preference for romance, action, world-building, and character development all cranked up to eleven. Proper grammar goes without saying (even if half the time I can't differentiate too from to). I've found however that some fics outside this genre can be appealing as long as they're unique and well written.

I don't write because one I'd probably be absolutely terrible at it, two I don't have time (that means I procrastinate), and three most importantly I enjoy reading over writing (So never gonna try my hand at betaing).

With that being said a big thank you to all my favorite authors for the amazing works you've produced, you write my canon and nobody can take that away from you.

Got a new-years goal for 2020, giving the finger to the rule of M rating and those that enforce it (you know the ones). TL;DR if nuking some of the most enjoyable fics on the site is the prerogative than I'll catch ya on the flip on A03.

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