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Sup. Names SonicBlast but u can call me Blast for short if u wanna. I aint bothered. Ill put more info on myself at a later point but for now. I will say this. Im male. Like the sonic series. Pokemon series, the dmc series...well, what ive played anyhow, which is 1 and 3, mario frandchise, naruto series which obvious by my favourites so yeah and lately ive been getting into the Legend of Zelda series more. Ive got varied tastes. Thats as simple as it is. For now.

For the record, if anyone could Reupload Re: Takeover the fairy tail and naruto crossover fanfic thatd be great. I went to read chapters 37 and 38, as 38 had been put for a few hours, amd the author of them, his account was gone. So im rather baffled.

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