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Name: Devon

Age: 26

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'11

Weight: none of your business ;P

Preference: gender-apathetic and don't care what you think

Gender: Female

Location: America

Likes: reading, manga, anime, animals, RPGs, Homestuck and poetry writing.

I'm a deviant user plz check out my site

Favorite Quotes

Things I say

Me: I'm afraid of normal people.

Me: The world is going insane and I'm enjoying it.

Me: I can't go to hell, the devil has a restraining order on me. (after my deviant friend shader told me to go to hell)

Danny Phantom

Jazz: I'm on to your little secret Danny.
Danny: (Spits out water he's drinking) What? What secret?
Jazz: The clumsiness, the nervousness, I can't believe I didn't see it before! You have a girlfriend!
Danny: It's a lie I'm not a ghost! I mean...she's not my girlfriend. We're just going to the dance together.
Jack: Great! I can't wait to meet her and talk to her about ghosts.
Jazz: Better let her know your family's insane now Danny. If you marry her, and she finds out later, that's entrapment.-(Parental Bonding)

Tucker: (notices Sam's TV remote is floating) I'm not schooled in the ways of the rich, but do all your remotes do that?
Sam: No. Well my toaster does, but it's from Denmark.-(Attack of the Killer Garage Sale)

Danny: Sam, you came! This is just like Romeo and Juliet, except I'm on the balcony, and I can understand everything we're saying-(Fanning the Flames)

Lancer: This is the part where you say 'Wow Mr. Lancer, I didn't realize being a teacher was so hard'
Danny: I'm 14, I don't care.
(Teacher of the Year)

Maddie: (Pulling several strange gadgets out of her jumpsuit to fight of the animal ghosts attacking them)
Danny: (Up in a tree) How can she not have a cell phone in there?-(Maternal Instincts)

Tucker: I'll take the fun Danny (runs out with human Danny)
Sam: (stares at ghost Danny)
Danny Phantom: You wear far too much black to be a superhero sidekick! Have you ever thought of switching to bright primary colors?
Sam: Tuck wait up! (runs out)-(Identity Crisis

Jazz: Are you sure it was a ghost and a parrot and not just a figment of your imagination...and a parrot?-(The Fenton Menace)

I'm really bad at writing so I just do challenges.

Challenge 1: Write a Danny phantom, Martin Mystery crossover.

Challenge 2: What if Yoh and the gang (Hao included, can be bad or good) somehow ended up in D.Grayman?

Challenge 3: Write a story of what would happen if Allen (add someone to join him if you want) had to check out the "angel" sightings in Azumo. D.Grayman/D.N.Angel

Challenge 4: XXXHolix/Blue Exorcist To teach the exwires how to protect a target from demons, Mephisto calls in a favor from his friend Yuko to borrow Watanuki as the target. Doumeki and Mugestu go along as extra protection. (after the incident with Jorougumo)

Challenge 5: Yu yu hakusho/xxxholic crossover I'd like to see something where Yukina in a bid to find her brother ask for help from Yuko. But to reveal who her brother is they have to remove the curse that was implanted into his Jagan eye. I'd really like it if this was done after Doumeki gave Watanuki his eye. (just because I love how Watanuki looks)

Challenge 6: Durarara fic Family reunion in Ikebukuro, Shizuro mistakens Psyche for Izaya only to find out Izaya is the middle child of a set of identical triplets. (Roppi is the eldest) Pairings are up to you

Challenge 7: Harry Potter/Fairy Tail crossover Harry after being nearly beaten to death by his relatives is whisked away to Earthland only to be picked up by the one and only Acnologia. How will Earthland handle the mage of Acnologia? Better question, how will the Wizarding World handle him when they manage to find their 'Savior'?

Challenge 8: Harry Potter/Fairy Tail crossover After becoming Master of Death Harry is betrayed by those he saved. Tossed through the Veil he ends up in Earthland. After awhile he runs into The Black Wizard, Zeref but being MoD he's immune to Zeref's curse which intrigues the mage. Whether this ends in slash or bromance is the writer's choice. Or if the writer wants it as a straight pairing, genderbend is fine too.

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