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Every once in a while I'll throw a chapter up that was written when I was in high school. I'm mostly into reading, and the story i've been engulfed in isn't off of any movie or any book. It's my own plot story, my own world. And it requires all my attention, so yes i'm still writing... but i'm writing something that doesn't fit anywhere on

IF YOU HAVE A STORY YOU WOULD LIKE REVIEWS ON PLEASE CONTACT ME! I love it when people give me something to read. And my reviews are longer than two sentences.

Holes: Started writing that when the movie first came out. Needless to say it's a lost cause. Soon to be taken down.

The Carper family (I am Legend) off and on for the most part. Will be completed eventually. Chapters already written and wil have updates soon. Good story though... AWFUL summary.

Billy the kid: Oh my gosh people you're gonna love the ending. Will be updating soon.

Failed Experiment: Up for adoption.

Thailand dream: it's finished. A short story based off of a dream i had... and i just finished the second book, and started on the third. Will update soon! It's literally not off any movie or book or anything. It's completely mine. I own everything in it.

I have a few more but i think i'll actually finish them before i put them up.

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