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I am a short girl who loves grammatical correctness and who sounds like David Hyde Pierce when talking. How droll.

I don't own anything, by the way. Nothing at all. Except for, you know, the plots. And even then I only own them vaguely.

A note on Phantom, happy endings, grammar, and original characters:

I am vehemently opposed to several things: Bad grammar, sappy endings, Mary Sues, and bad Phantom stories. Though bad stories are in general, well, bad, it would seem that POTO has attracted more than its fair share of horrendous stories. 1) My Phantom stories all contain an Erik who is actually disfigured, a somewhat strong Christine (see my LiveJournal entry about this), and a less-than-foppish Raoul. Fop-bashing is funny, but honestly, it gets really oooooold. 2) It is rare to find a truly happy ending in my stories. I don't have anything against happy endings- so long as they are not melodramatic- but I just don't like writing them. They bore me. So expect either a sad ending or one that is happy in a twisted way. 3) I do my best to edit my stories and add proper punctuation. It is a repulsive thing when a writer does not bother to take enough time to find a beta or edit their stories. If you care so little about it that you would destroy it like that, don't bother adding the story. 4) I like original characters. It is perfectly normal to have a story peppered with their little faces. But if you create an implausible relationship between the OC and a canon character, I'm inclined to be irritated. If the OC is a Mary Sue, I'm prone to crying. Please, guys. Mary Sues are bad for you.

Another Note on Moulin Rouge:

If you've seen the movie, are reading one of my stories, and wonder who on earth half the characters are, most of them are the can-can dancers from different scenes. Read Yvi's "All We Have To Sell" or Sugarfaerie's "Cigarettes And Petticoats" to get better acquainted with them. Or buy the two-disc DVD, flip through the costume designs, and learn their names well. Whichever. PM me if you have any questions on these characters. Seriously: read Sugarfaerie's "Cigarattes and Petticoats". It inspired almost all of my Moulin Rouge stories. It's brilliant.

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