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Love Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

Favorite pairings in Mass Effect series:

Femshep/Miranda (really wish Miranda was available for both genders so I wouldn't have to play as a guy to romance her). Miranda/Ashley Some Miranda/Jack Miranda in a threesome relationship

Kaiden's romance seemed dull. Not a fan of Liara or Tali or Garrus pairing(sorry guys). Human with alien is too weird to me.

ME2 is my fav followed by me3 and me1.

Favorite Dragon age pairings:

femhawke/Isabela. Dlc makes it even better. warden/morrigan trevelyn/cullen

Iron bull can be fun though. Alistair was ok but not fav. Leilana too religious. Anders whines too much and having justice in him too weird as well as his constant flirting and arguing about Mage rights. Merrill too childlike. Fenris too broody and too many emotional issues. Sera, just no.

DA2 is my fav even with all the issues. Followed by DAI. I am in the minority for DAO as I could not stand the graphics or combat nor the conversations. Sorry to those who do like it.

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