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The Hydreigon Master PM
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Greetings everyone, I am here to enjoy fan fiction crossovers.

I like anime and playing video games.

Oc: The Hydreigon Master. He earned that title as he is the only Hydreigon capable of having every move a Hydreigon can learn. Basic moves from leveling up, tms, egg moves, and moves from tutoring. He is rather mysterious, as he been know to test the strength of his opponents. Aside from being mysterious, he enjoys video game, anime, and watching videos on youtube. His weaknesses are his appetite and laziness. He also has natural type weakness. When not being mysterious, he can be somewhat simple minded sometimes. He hates smoking and flies away from it. He also has some anger issue when it comes to not finishing a level in video games. He hates that people think he is a regular Hydreigon, so he sometime put on sunglasses and a backwards cap to make him different from other Hydreigon. He also has a soft spot for female Mawiles. Rumor has it that he know a few thing about the Keyblade war, the foretellers, and Union cross.

Likes: Pokemon games (strange isn't it), collecting amiibos,

Dislikes: Brussels sprouts, people disturbing his nap, people stealing his food, and Fairy type attack( they hurt)

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