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Joined Dec '05

(Pen)Name: Dream Of Stories

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Fandoms of which I can claim (some) knowledge of:

Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, Alex Rider, Stargate SG1, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Not Angel), NCIS, House, Pellinor, Gundam Wing, Tamora Pierce (Circle Tortall), CHERUB...

...And various others, I read pretty much anything and I even watch things too - sometimes. ;)

My Hobbies:

My main hobbies are writing (but not always posting), reading and creating plot bunnies that torment me until I get hooked on a different fandom. Well, when I have time. Now it's all Uni this and Uni that... no time left for anything fun... except walking my dogs. There will always be time for my dogs. :)

My Stories:

Finding my Uke - a birthday ficlet for Elfofhope. Its been long enough that I won't be continuing this now. [COMPELTE]

What We Do For Family - this needs a rewrite. I've changed a lot since I wrote this (notably completed an undergraduate degree) and while I still like the idea, it does need revising. Unfortunately I am unlikely to have time for a major project (which this would be) until Autumn 2016. [HIATUS]

The Catnap Collection - A collection of ficlets and shorts based on Silver Queen's Dreaming of Sunshine and the various things it's readers have lovingly spawned. These are mostly from the forum, but a couple will probably be unique to here. Will be added to as and when. No promises on continuing any of these just yet, but I might add snippets if I get struck by inspiration. [ON GOING]

The Weasel Confrontation - Very short chapters, very irregular update schedule... but unlike The Catnap, these actually link together to make a fic. Comments on plot and characterisation mainly for this please, I do give a brief end over for major issues, but most of this is written in that time period when I'm slightly whacky from lack of (bedtime) or excess (just woke up) sleep and it's before my brain kicks in to censor me. ;)


I've taken on the role of Super-Nanny for this round robin, so after you've read the rules (still being debated), if you're interested in joining PM me and I'll add you to the lists. Said rules and information can be found under the Crossover topic currently on the We're all dreaming of sunshine forum, but will have their own topic once finalised.


Reviews: I read every review I'm sent - every single one. But, unless you have a specific question in there, I probably won't respond. Sorry.

Continuation Requests: You may all ask. I will read your requests and smile wistfully. Unfortunately I will not be starting anything longer than the odd 900 word ficlet / chapter a 2000 word ficlet until Autumn '16 as I just don't have time. At the earliest. And I've learnt my lesson about posting incomplete things so anything I do write won't be up until I've written enough of it. So... you might see something around Christmas '16. Maybe.


FRIENDS: Never ask anything to eat or drink

BESTFRIENDS: Help themselves and is the reason you never have any food

FREINDS: Call your parents M. Mrs and grandma and grandpa


FRIENDS: Would bail you out of jail

BESTFRIENDS: Would be sitting next to you saying "Oops, we'll have to do better next time!"

FRIENDS: Will pick out a nice humour type thing to watch with you on movie night

BESTFRIENDS: Will pick out "Women in Black" for movie night then scare you and herself in the process

FRIENDS: Never seen you cry

BESTFRIENDS: Wont tell anyone else you cry... just laugh about it when your not down anymore

FRIENDS: Meet your boy/girl friend and say nice to meet you

BESTFRIENDS: Meet your boy/girl friend and scare the BLEEP out of him/her by threatening to break every bone in him/her's body if he/she hurts your bestfriend

FRIENDS: Will say it'll be ok...

BESTFRIENDS: Will call him and say"you have seven days to live"

FRIENDS: Ask why you're crying

BESTFRIENDS: Already have a shovel ready to bury the loser that made you cry

FRIENDS: Will help you move

BESTFRIENDS: Will help you move a dead rat

FRIENDS: helps you up when you fall

BESTFRIENDS: continues walking while saying, "Little clumsy today..."

FRIENDS: gives you their umbrella in the rain

BESTFRIENDS: takes yours and says, "Haha! Can't catch me!"

FRIENDS: wipes your tears when your rejected

BESTFRIENDS: gets you drunk and drags you out to all the local fun places

FRIENDS: Ask you to write down your number

BESTFRIENDS: Has you on speed dial

FRIENDS: Borrows your stuff and gives it back a few days later

BESTFRIENDS: Loses your stuff and tells you, "sorry... my bad"

FRIENDS: Only know a few things about you

BESTFRIENDS: Could write a very embarrassing biography about your life

FREINDS: Will leave you behind if thats what everyone else is doing

BESTFRIENDS: Will tell everyone that left you why exactly they are idiots for doing so... loudly and repeatedly

FRIENDS: Would knock on your front door

BESTFRIENDS: Would walk right in and say,"IM HOME"

FRIENDS: You have to tell them not to tell

BESTFRIENDS: Already know not to tell

FRIENDS: Are just for high school / college (drinking buddies)

BESTFRIENDS: Are for life

FRIENDS: Will be there to take your drink away when they think youve had enough

BESTFRIENDS: Will film you until you're flat on the floor and THEN drag you home

FRIENDS: comfort you when you fight with your boyfriend

BEST FRIENDS: go over to his house and kick his ass

FRIENDS: tell you to forget it when you say you want to vandalize a guy's house

BEST FRIENDS: best friends are the ones getting fined by the police with you

FRIENDS: Think your insane for jumping off a roof onto a trampoline

BEST FRIENDS: Are jumping right after you

FRIENDS: come over every couple of months for a sleepover

BEST FRIENDS: are your weekend boarders

FRIENDS: are offended when you make fun of them

BEST FRIENDS: kick your ass and all's forgiven

FRIENDS: are shy around your boyfriend

BEST FRIENDS: will tease him till he blushes redder than a fire engine

FRIENDS: don't see you if you're sick

BEST FRIENDS: are why you're sitting in bed under a blanket with a thermometer, book, and your phone

FRIENDS: dare you to scream into the street

BEST FRIENDS: dare you to go streaking

FRIENDS: Will tell you off for nearly burning down the kitchen

BEST FRIENDS: Will be there helping you scrub the soot off so you get your deposit back AND don't get fined

FREINDS: Will ignore this

BESTFRIENDS: Will repost this crap.

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