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I'm sorry everybody I know this isn't an update but this is a message for all readers I will be making a story using concepts and ideas pulled from all of the stories that I've already posted but have lost faith and interest in Marvel Comics and a few other fandoms as such I'll be making a story from the ground up using characters ideas and things that are still in the drawing board I cannot promise when these stories will be posted but I will be posting the first five chapters all at once when I do there is no scheduled update for any of the stories already posted. I am sorry and hope all of you have a wonderful day.

Grima here, I plan on posting the beginning of two stories and posting a chapter or two of them at a time as I finish them. In addition I'll be rewriting Echoes of War and once I've finished rewriting and editing the first five chapters I'll take down the original story and replace it. I hope you enjoy my stories, comment if you have anything to say.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but OCs and a couple plotlines. Anything else will get its own disclaimer within the stories and chapters they apply.

  • Echoes of War is getting rewritten and I'll working on a Fire Emblem/Parahumans: Worm crossover using ideas from my previous projects.

  • Additional note: I do welcome constructive criticism but toxic ranting will be ignored. I will accept recommendations and even add OCs into stories if they fit and you specifically request them; I will accredit any added to a story if I receive them

    Any PM's will be answered when I have Time, not as they are sent, sorry.

    Current Projects: (As of September 10th, 2022)

  • Transformers: Echoes of War

  • Summary: When the Fate of the Planet, known as Earth, hangs in the balance, Optimus Prime rises victorious; in the aftermath of the battle against the Fallen, a mysterious figure arrives to make an alliance...and prepare our world for what's coming.

    Genre: Technically all, General

    Warnings: Body Dysphoria, Cybertronian Physiology, Language, POV Changes, Violence, Death, Starscream being Starscream

    Status: In Progress, more coming soon!

  • Pokemon: Balancing on the Edge

  • Summary: To be Added

    Genre: General, Isekai, Slow Romance, Epic, Adventure

  • Status: Planning Phase, writing first few chapters while adding PLA lore.

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