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Profile, hmmm. Well what can I say that would be of interest.

I am 60ish (very, very soon to be 70ish), female, blue of eye, white of hair, round of body, short of inches.

I am an artist in any medium that someone will offer to pay me to create in for them

I have a husband, 1 genius daughter, 1 extremely useful son, 1 teenage son (too early to tell if he will be useful or not), 1 mixed (and mixedup) dog and 2 neurotic pound cats. (This has changed, I have 2 extremely useful sons now - since both are in their 30s and in Corrections or Law Enforcement. I really should update this more often!) Genius daughter has proven that genius and insanity are closely related as she teaches middle school. And one totally brilliant (no, I'm not prejudiced) granddaughter) Sadly, the cats have found their way to hopefully a better place,

I have too many hobbies and one major vice (see reading).

If it is domestic, I have probably learned how to do it (I don't do cleaning) and have been told I am a better than average cook/baker. I like anything ethnic or straight up American.

Some of my very favoritest (yes, I know that isn't a real word) authors write fanfic.

I like a very eclectic taste in music, except heavy metal (makes my head hurt) and gangsta rap (why would anyone write that stuff?)

I seldom write anything for myself or others (Mark Twain once commented that "A man who writes for public consummation may have other nasty habits,") but I am always willing to write a review or two if the author has done their share of the work.

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