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Pen Name: tenten14/pinkblossoms

I love: to draw, read, write fanfics and watch animes

Currently writing: Destiny (http://www.fanfiction.net/secure/live_preview.php?storyid=3323604) this is the link for the story

Thanks for Gensomaden-Saiyuki (click for the link for the profile) for the help on making my stories and for the tips. And also i want to thank my friends for reading my stories and they said they like my plots!

Hi again guys! Sorry for always updating really late xD Coz, i don't have much time to write stories right now. Yow know..classes resumed again and I have to aim higher for me to get good grades. I've done all the things I wished to do in this vacation. And one thing I forgot...and that's updating in my stories!! I've finished all except for the two...The Past and Destiny... and now I'm planning to post my first Gakuen Alice fic. And the fic I'll post was my impression of how should Gakuen Alice end with some NatsumexMikan pairing! xP Ah..hehe...I'm getting obsessed by animes...so much for an anime addicted gal...hehe...xD and before I forgot...I also want to post a tagalog fic for NejiTen fans xD

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