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Hi all. Evermind here. Been around for years, many and varied fandoms, and am really old enough that I should stop wasting my time writing fan fic.

My pattern of response to most fandoms appears to follow a similar trend - instant infatuation, followed by a short, sharp period of obsession, then disillusionment as the canon veers away from its initial promise - which almost inevitably happens somewhere around about season 4 - it must be some kind of universal rule (see Downton Abbey, Sherlock, M*A*S*H...). As such, a bunch of my fics tend to end up abandoned, only to be revisited many years later in fits of mild nostalgia. So sorry about that, if you liked any of them. I'm also a sucker for a doomed romance of the "hero character matched with sidekick character who's actually better for them than the one they're meant to be in love with" persuasion. Hence Aragorn/Eowyn, Severus/Lily, Hawkeye/Trapper, Sherlock/John and any permutation of Ten/Jack/Martha. Also Severus/Sirius, and Aziraphale/Crowley, because how can you not?

What's archived here is a highly eclectic collection of writings, some of them dating back a good ten years or so. As such, the quality is pretty variable. Of the Harry Potter fics, I'd recommend 'Without the Fall' or 'To Bring Him Home'. Of the Downton fics, the best is probably 'Whatever Hope is Yours'. The pick of the M*A*S*H stuff is 'Shards' or 'There is a River'. Most of the Sherlock stuff should be ok. And anything written prior to 2010 is pretty much bollocks. Please don't judge me on it.

Thanks for reading.


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