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Hello there!

Name's Lily, age 18.

I joined Fanfiction.net three years ago. I used to love writing, and I had even uploaded a couple of Harry Potter, Lily/James fics once, but I was not really that good. Now I do write now and then, but I do not think I'll post something soon. I have improved, I must admit, but I need time to compile a decent interesting story! :) In the meantime, I enjoy coming on to read my Favourite stories - those especially well-written romantic fics. Including: Wrestling-themed (ShadowVixen is my all-time favourite!), Harry Potter ones (James/Lily era), Lord of the Rings (featuring Legolas as protagonist) and most recently Twilight ones too. I might consider becoming a beta-reader some time in the near future, if you're interested, but I will most probably accept only fics written in proper good English :) I also know Italian somewhat fluently, and a bit of French, and a tiny weeny bit of Spanish :D

That's it, I guess. Maybe I'll add something else some other time.

Take care everyone!

Hugs and cookies,

Lily (-incandescent) x

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