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Well, after having this space blank for years, I decided to put something here. Since I have no stories uploaded under my own name, I should do something to make my profile at least a little interesting, right? I have co-written several stories with a friend, and they're under her account. I'll try and link to her later. The most important fandom in my life is Fraggle Rock. It helped shape my personality growing up, gave me my love of magic and music, and it still means a lot to me. I love all of the muppets, Labyrinth, the Dark Crystal, TMNT, Harry Potter, Disney, the Big Bang Theory, and many other random things. I'm also starting to get into Star Trek and Starwars, and no, I won't pick a side! I'll make a list of all the Disney movies and shows I like sometime when it's not so late at night. Otherwise, you can find most if not all of my fandoms represented in my favorite stories and authors lists. There's sure to be something there for everyone!

If for some reason you should stumble across this profile, and you like any of the same things I do, or you think I sound interesting, send me a message. I'd love to chat! That's all for now, but I promise I won't let so much time go by without adding to my profile again! Next up, "who am I as a person?"

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