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screename: karasu


Gender: Male

Location: Sydney, Australia

Hobbies: anime, movies, music, chatting, sport, gaming, fan fics, GFX and more anime!

Music: System of a Down Symphony and Metallica, Dragon Force, Iron Maiden, Linkin Park, various others

Asian music: HK, Chinese and Japanese - majority anime intros n outros. they have nice, soothing calm songs, nice lyrics too .

Sport: I love footy and soccer, swimming, skiing, anything with speeeeed XD

athletics: track - 100m, 200m, 400m, hurdles, relay

field - shotput, javelin, discus

Fav anime:

Gundam Seed


Naruto (eps 1-120ish and 195+… fillers suck ass)





Elfen lied

Ergo proxy

Bakuretsu Tenshi (Burst Angel)

Fate/Stay Night

Karas (best animations ever)

Ghost in the Shell:SAC

Death Note

Ghost Hunt

Code Geass

Fanfic favs: Evangelion and Gundam Seed

Fav couples:

For Gundam SEED/destiny: Athrun x Cagalli, Athrun x Luna or Meyrin, Dearka x Milly , Yzak x Shiho, Kira x Lacus…. Don’t like shinn or rey… shinn x stellar suits a LOT better than shinn x luna.

Bleach : Ichigo x Rukia, Ichigo x Orihime

Eva: Shinji x Asuka Misato x Ryouji

Fate/stay night: Shirou x Tohsaka

Elfen Lied: Kouta x Lucy Kouta x the cousin.. forgot her name its been so long since i watched it.

Check out my OneShot series...

This is a collection of OneShots I 'm writing. For now its just AxC.

Contents (so far)

Chapter 1. Need Help? 1494 words

Summary: Oneshot AxC Athrun gives Cagalli a private training session on piloting a Moblie Suit… is that all he gave her?

Chapter 2. A Deal’s a Deal 1760 words

Summary: OneShot AxC This is the life… Cagalli and Athrun take off for a mini vacation after a long deserved break. Read what kind of deals the couple offers each other! My second OneShot, come check it out! Can link to Need Help? If you want.

Chapter 3. So Much For a Surprise 2797 words

Summary: semi-AU OneShot AxC Sometimes, surprises do not turn out the way it’s meant to…

Chapter 4. From The Inside-part 1 2027 words

Chapter 5 From The Inside- Because You Loved Me - part 2 2796 words

Summary TwoShot AxC Cagalli has lived her life with regret, letting her love of her life in the hands of another person was no exception. Athrun is now going back to PLANTs after the second war, can she redeem herself before it’s too late? completed

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