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--About me--


I'm Nadia

Some friends call me Audrey

I'm 16 years young

Musicals excite me

I love music & fanfiction

I love myspace! (( You should check out my page))

I love meeting new people (( As long as they aren't stalkers =o ))

So yeah that's me If you continue reading, down below is some more stuff I love and some stuff I Hate.

I love these shows

South of Nowhere


All My Children

Once and Again

Will and Grace

Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Zoey 101

I would post more but it would take forever.

These are my favorite pairings

SON-- Ashley & Spencer

Degrassi-- Alex & Paige ;; Craig & Ashley ;; Manny & Emma ;; Emma & Sean ;; Ellie & Craig ;; Ellie & Sean

Once and Again-- Jessie & Katie

All My Children-- FAB;; BAM;; Kenlee;; Erica & Brooke;; Greenlee & Bianca

Will and Grace-- Grace & Karen

Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide-- Suzie & Moze

Zoey 101-- Zoey & Chase ;; Zoey & Quinn ;; Zoey & Lola ;; Lola & Nichole ;; Lola and Quinn ;; Logan & Zoey ;; Logan & Lola

Pairings I Hate!

SON-- Spencer & Kyla ((Ewww))

Degrassi-- None

Once and again-- Katie & Sarah

Will & Grace-- Will & Karen ;; Jack & Karen

Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide-- Cookie & Moze ((Ewww))

Zoey 101-- Logan & Micheal ((Ewww))

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