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I love reading fan fiction but unfortunately do not have a creative bone in my body so it is doubtful that I will ever post a story. Maybe one of these days I will get up the courage to actually write something and post it! There are so much wonderful stories on this site and I love reading them. My favorite fiction to read is Harry Potter, Highlander, NCIS and I have recently gotten into Torchwood and Glee. Some of my favorite authors are themuse19, shadeshifter, gibbsandtonybabe, teacherbev, wishweaver, capricious purple clarity, sensibly tainted, Emma Lipardi and LeoZodiac. Check out their stories, if you haven't read any of them yet!

Challenge for NCIS write a story about Tony raised by his English relatives after abandoned in Hawaii by his father I'd love to read a story where Tony is discovered in the hotel after his father checks out. The hotel calls child services and when they can't get his father, they call his Uncle Clive (or another overseas relative). Tony is then placed with them permanently. I haven't read this type of story before but it would create a different Tony. Maybe Tony meets up with NCIS as a Royal Marine or via MI6 or still goes to Ohio state but it would be a very different Tony!

My newest favorite story is "Model Behavior" by themuse19. It is an amazing crossover between Glee and Project Runway where Kurt is a designer and Blaine works for Heidi Klum. It is so absolutely wonderfully written and so real that I wish I could watch it on T.V. you have to check it out. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7775778/1/Model_Behavior

A new favorite story is "To Honor" by Seulwolfe and Morganlefaye1958. If you haven't read it yet you definately have to read this one. It is sort of a Severus/Remus story and it is amazing. Such a wonderful relationship story with lots of intrigue. I hope you check it out and give the author lots of encouragement to continue this wonderful story!

In addition to reading fanfiction I am totally addicted to the television shows Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, CSI, CSI NY & NCIS.

Favorite Pairings:

Severus/Harry (in a mentor/parent relationship)




Pairings I can't stand:

Harry/Ron (can you say Eeew?)

Harry/Ginny (somehow I have never really cared for Ginny as a character in canon and I don't really see them working well as a couple.)

Jack/Gwen (Absolutely can't stand Gwen!)

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